Ebusiness leaders across the industry are under constant pressure to increase levels of digital commerce and consequently, customer satisfaction. The reality is that there are commonly only two strategies used today to achieve ebusiness objectives; EDI and ecommerce websites. Adoption remains a struggle.

Ebusiness executives have realized they simply cannot dictate how their customers want to buy from them. It would require a change in customer behavior and a shift from their preferred ordering method, which continues to be email. Investments in digital channels have limited impact on desired results and don’t encourage a behavioral change in customers for their transactions. The trend does not appear to be changing any time soon. A 2018 MDM study found that 70% of customers prefer to email their POs.

Most companies require a PO to receive goods and pay invoices that needs to be keyed into their internal purchasing system. These platforms, by default, deliver the purchase document via email. Customers don’t want to enter orders a second time into an ecommerce website, so they prefer the default option to transmit their order via email and continue to order as they always have.

For the seller, orders placed and received via email are received and manually entered in the seller’s ERP system by a member of the inside sales team, delaying order fulfillment and is a huge burden on productivity.

The inside sales team and customer service representatives are one of the most valuable resources a company has to support growth. They are product and sourcing experts and have extensive knowledge of products they sell. Instead of freeing them up to truly meet customer needs and build relationships, they are devoting time that could be spent driving growth on the low value task of manual order entry.

Interestingly, it is not just the investment into digital channels that will ultimately achieve your company’s ebusiness goals and increase digital transactions. It’s leveraging a cost-effective solution that allows customers to continue to do business with you in the same way they always have, but truly digitizing their emailed orders in the same way your existing digital channels do. Conexiom saves your inside sales team time, but it also reduces the cost of processing each order and enhances your company’s profitability all without impacting your customers or requiring any specialized hardware or software.

Companies that use sales order automation routinely experience an ROI of 200% to 1,000%, according to Conexiom data. Competing in today’s environment means becoming more efficient by increasing digital ordering as well as offering better customer service.