Touchless order processing is shaping the way distributors do business. As digital transformation continues to impact the industry, reducing the need for human intervention throughout the order to cash cycle, enables distributors to reduce the possibility of errors and improve their overall order process. Gartner predicts that the supply chain management market will exceed $19 billion by 2021 due to SaaS (software as a service) integration, creating new revenue opportunities for businesses.

Technologies such as IoT, machine learning and SaaS are lending to the concept of the touchless supply chain by optimizing business logistics and internal operations, allowing distributors to focus on what matters most, their customers.

Reducing human error

The roles of employees are drastically shifting due to digital transformation, especially for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Distributors are now seeking solutions that can speed up service and mitigate industry pain points. Through automation solutions, CSRs are no longer required to handle back-end administrative tasks such as manually entering customer orders, but rather can now focus on delivering added value to the business through building valuable customer relationships.

As automation solutions are reducing the need for human touchpoints across the order cycle, processing is now less prone to human error. Let’s take sales order automation technology as an example. This solution can recognize and decipher incoming order information, verify its accuracy and input it directly into the business’ and customer’s ERP systems. It truly delivers the concept of touchless order processing just like EDI, the pioneer technology that enabled touchless transactions.

This automation solution among others creates a smoother, precise and error free order to cash cycle. By eliminating the possibility for human errors during the order process, customers experience a faster and more accurate fulfillment for their orders. Delivering this consistently results in a more positive buyer experience that strengthens loyalty.

Improved customer experience

Touchless processing through automation allows for customers to place their orders according to their preference and is shifting how businesses handle incoming customer requests. By reducing common challenges and pain points when it comes to order processing, such as handling order exceptions, businesses can focus on what matters most, serving customers.

Touchless orders don’t mean “touchless” in terms of customer interaction.  In fact, by freeing up CSR’s time by eliminating manual order entry and implementing touchless orders, CSRs can focus on value over quantity. The valuable CSR touchpoints along the ordering process such as upselling, problem solving and delivering valuable product recommendations. Enabling them to truly add value for both the customer and business.

Improve the bottom line

As automation solutions can streamline order processing through touchless order processing, it inherently creates a smooth customer experience which is not only beneficial for the customer and employee, but also for the business. Happy customers equal a more profitable business.

With a reduced need for labour requirements and streamlining employee tasks through processing and error correction, distributors can improve profit margins and deliver exceptional customer service. Touchless order solutions such as sales order automation are improving distributor accuracy and service. Digital transformations are taking over the distribution industry, and businesses should be looking to touchless order processing to develop a more satisfying customer experience while maximizing on their CSRs to drive revenues and growth.