Digital Transformation for Today’s Distributors Fall Seminar Series

You are on a journey to transform into a digital-first business. Let Mike Marks help you reach your destination.

Mike Marks

Indian River Consulting Group
Mike Marks Automation Authority Speaker Series

Don’t Get Left Behind

The future is here. It’s time to lead from the front in order not to be left in the past. Distributors need to follow the new rules of competition mandated by the market forces of 2020. Rule #1: Embrace digital transformation so you can create operational excellence, grow faster and better serve your customers.

The digital transformation journey can be rough. It takes the right mix of strategy, leadership, change management, technology investment, and an unrelenting focus on improving the customer experience. Without a companywide commitment to transform, your efforts are likely to fall short.

Whether you are just starting your journey or looking to accelerate progress on your current path, Mike Marks, Founding Partner of Indian River Consulting Group, can provide guidance, insights and tools to help you reach your destination.

Join Mike in his three-part seminar series on Digital Transformation for Today’s Distributors.

Seminar 1: Managing Organizational Change

Sept 16, 2021

Join Mike for a frank discussion about the pitfalls and opportunities in managing the changes involved in a digital transition, including the required sales model transformation.

Seminar 2: Enhancing the Customer Experience

Oct 8th, 2021

Today, if you’re not easy to do business with, your customers will go elsewhere. To really understand the customer, you need a clear view of the customer journey so you can make process changes that take friction out of the equation.

Seminar 3: How to Maximize ROI from Your Technology Investments

Nov 4th, 2021

A successful digital transformation is not as simple as selecting a one-and-done software solution and hitting go. Join Mike for a look at the foundations you need to build your own digital roadmap.