Digital Transformation: How to Manage Organizational Change

Session 1: Sept 16th, 2021
You are on a journey to transform into a digital-first business. Let Mike Marks help you reach your destination.

Mike Marks

Indian River Consulting Group
Mike Marks Automation Authority Speaker Series

No one likes change with one exception: a wet baby. That’s why Mike Marks, Founding Partner of Indian River Consulting Group, is joining Conexiom’s Mark Toffoli for a no-holds-barred conversation about the pitfalls and opportunities in managing the changes required in a digital transition.

The critical constraint for most distributors is that the old-school sales model must change along with everything else, or nothing will work. That’s no small ask. Many distributors are afraid of going all in because of potential sales defections.

In this webinar, the first of a series of three fall seminars with Mike, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make sure the executive leadership team has some skin in the game
  • Understand where your target customers are – and where they’re going
  • Build a data-driven case around why change is necessary
  • Get your sales team to embrace a shared vision around the need for change

You’ll come out of this session with a framework to ensure your vision, skills, incentives and resources are aligned for a successful transformation.

Join Mike in his three-part seminar series on Digital Transformation for Today’s Distributors.

Seminar 1: Managing Organizational Change

Sept 16, 2021

Join Mike for a frank discussion about the pitfalls and opportunities in managing the changes involved in a digital transition, including the required sales model transformation.

Seminar 2: Enhancing the Customer Experience

Oct 8th, 2021

Today, if you’re not easy to do business with, your customers will go elsewhere. To really understand the customer, you need a clear view of the customer journey so you can make process changes that take friction out of the equation.

Seminar 3: How to Maximize ROI from Your Technology Investments

Nov 4th, 2021

A successful digital transformation is not as simple as selecting a one-and-done software solution and hitting go. Join Mike for a look at the foundations you need to build your own digital roadmap.