22 December 2020 | Technology

4 Predictions That Will Redefine Manufacturing and Distribution in 2021

From the only vendor that delivers True Automation comes 4 predictions on what’s redefining the manufacturing and distribution industry in 2021.

For manufacturers and distributors, 2021 is a time to learn from the disruptions of 2020. This year will redefine business leadership and success as automation plays a deeper role in supporting operations and processes. 

These four dynamics will shape 2021 and beyond: 

#1: ML and AI technology creates efficiencies surrounding delivery and service 

When AI and ML are smartly integrated into your business processes, no human needs to interfere in that process. This is touchless automation.  

With touchless automation, orders go out faster and with more accuracy, fundamentally improving the process and timing of shipping and delivery. 

#2: Customer experience is the new competitive advantage 

Sales order automation is integral to 2021’s call to better cater to and delight customers. It delivers a shortened order cycle, processing orders in minutes, not hours.  

When vying for customers, executing a flawless customer experience will keep your clients coming back to you—not your competitors—for more. 

#3: A “deliver more with less” mentality reshapes business 

Automation will serve as an essential way to reduce or eliminate the manual work involved in order processing.  

Conexiom Sales Order Automation scales with your business so you can do more with less: less resources, less errors, less operational costs, less time, and less overtime. 

#4: True Automation leads to immediate, tangible outcomes 

True Automation isn’t a piece of technology, it’s about delivering tangible outcomes and ROI. Conexiom’s Sales Order Automation provides immediate gains, drives productivity, and generates savings in 30 days or less. 


2021 serves as a reset for the manufacturing and distribution industry—a technological enlightenment that compels us to use the lessons of the past year to focus on shifting businesses toward automation. 

Sales Order Automation is the proven way to start this journey. It’s quick to implement, doesn’t require IT support, and offers a nearly immediate return on investment (ROI). 


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