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Conexiom Voices: Delivering Best-in-Class Service Is Cornerstone of Cosimka Wyda’s Role as Senior Account Manager, Customer Success

Cosimka Wyda works closely with customers to ensure they reap significant value from the Conexiom SaaS automation platform.

Ensuring that customers receive unparalleled value from Conexiom’s services and are delighted with the products we provide is the cornerstone of Cosimka Wyda’s role as senior account manager within the Customer Success team. 

As a Conexiom employee since 2016, Cosimka works to optimize productivity across clients’ Sales, Customer Service, and Finance teams. She helps customers eliminate the manual entering of purchase orders and invoices to instead focus on higher value activities. 


Explain the responsibilities of a senior account manager. 

My role involves ensuring that customers are satisfied and getting value from Conexiom. It also involves working closely with customers to identify whether new service offerings or enhancements would bring value to their business 

For example, when a customer haremarkable success with Sales Order Automation, we typically extend that success by helping the Finance team automate vendor invoices or the Purchasing team automate vendor order acknowledgements. 

Our team works incredibly closely with customers, not only to get them up on and running on the platform, but to continue to add value throughout the use of service. Many timesour customers say that our team really becomes an extension of their team. They start feeling like we’re part of their staff. I love hearing that. 

Our team works incredibly closely with customers, not only to get them up on and running on the platform, but to continue to add value throughout the use of service. Many times, our customers say that our team really becomes an extension of their team. 

How do you partner with customers to ensure that Conexiom helps achieve their desired business outcomes? 

We spend a great deal of time with customers, seeking to deeply understand the business outcomes they are trying to achieve with automation, measuring how Conexiom can help them reach their goals, and then looking for other areas where we can add value. 

Sure, we automate customer POs, customer RFQs, vendor invoices, and vendor order acknowledgements, but we can do more than thatThat’s one of the reasons why the Customer Success team dedicates so much time to customers: to genuinely understand their challenges and help discover solutions. 

A great example of this is tax certificates. One customer who was already running successful PO automation asked about automating tax certificate documentsa tedious manual process where errors could have big financial implicationsThese require a tax ID verification, which must be cross-checked against a government website to ensure that that buyer’s tax-exempt status is valid. Our team researched what areas of that process could be automated. After some upfront conversations and scopingthey now route tax certificate documents through Conexiom, we match the tax ID to the government website to verify the ID qualifies for tax exemption, and then get that information into their system. It’s been a huge success.  

How is Conexiom different than other sales order automation solutions in terms of services provided? 

Conexiom truly stands apart in these ways. 


We’ve been delivering True Automation for 15+ years, which means we have a deep domain expertise and can handle highly complex orders. 

True Automation is complex data transformation and touchless document processing with 100% data accuracy.


We capture data with 100% accuracy and we build in the business logic and tribal knowledge the customer service teams naturally deploy when processing orders. Those two things combined means we drive as much touchless order processing as possible. 

Business Model 

As a fully managed service, we do the heavy lifting to get customers set up on the service, rather than dropping a set of tools on someone’s desk to self-build.  

We also support our service 24/7/365, which means services happen behind the scenes to keep documents processing, and our customers may not even realize we’ve made an improvement – including in the middle of the night. 

Proactive with Customers 

We perform quarterly business reviews with our customers. Some accounts are acutely aware of their performance, while others are “set it and forget it,” swe shine a light on activity, what’s coming up, what’s new, and if there any areas where we can enhance services. 

Have you noticed customers’ needs changing due to COVID-19?  

The pandemic changed reality for many customers.  

We had customers suddenly increase their use of our service. I have a customer in Australia who contacted me last February and said, “We need to significantly increase how many customers we put in Conexiom, because it has just become a strategic part of our business continuity plan. 

Using Conexiom was key to helping them quickly support teams working from home, while keeping productivity high during a disruptive period. Most importantly, Conexiom allowed them to continue to deliver a preCOVIDlevel of customer service. 

Conexiom allowed customers to continue to deliver a preCOVIDlevel of customer service.

Other customers have been required by their Board to keep costs down. Using Conexiom to process orders means that existing team becomes more effective, and they don’t have to worry about how they’ll handle increases in orders as business picks up. That’s something that naturally scales in Conexiom, because it doesn’t matter if the platform processes 1 order or 100 orders for the same customer in the same day. 

What is one of the most memorable problems you’ve helped customers solve with Conexiom? 

We want CSRs and Sales teams performing valuable tasks, not data entryLast year, I learned that two customers struggled to maximize CSR/ISR adoptionIn both cases, I arranged a webinar session to give managers and team leads an overview of Conexiom. This overview included the intention of the service (saving people time, as well as serving customers better, faster, and more accurately), and helped ease concerns that Conexiom isn’t here to replace jobs, but instead to free their time to focus on their job – working with their customers to grow and protect revenue. That’s sometimes the elephant in the room, making staff wary of adopting automation, so it should be talked about openly. 

Those sessions had an immediate impact on team adoption. In fact, one of the companies mentioned that they hit records for orders processed through Conexiom within a few weeks after. 

If you could automate anything to assist you in your personal life, what would you automate?  

Two things come to mind: I love biking along Vancouver’s beautiful mountains or coastline, but washing my bike after a muddy ride in the rainy winter is something I would definitely automate. That and putting away laundry. I mean, we all love clean clothes, but who enjoys folding laundry?  

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