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Conexiom Voices: EVP of Services Justin Finnegan Defines Our “We’re Here to Help You Win” Attitude Toward Onboarding and Implementation

Conexiom Services is a dedicated, results-focused team that partners with clients to solve their biggest challenges and create new opportunities.

Executive Vice President of Services Justin Finnegan and his team ensure that customers exceed their ROI goals and business outcomes by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Conexiom’s purpose-built, cloud-based automation platform. 

The services team develops and executes strategies to optimize customers’ value delivery and engagement. Justin also focuses on creating an organizational customer feedback loop to ensure a company-wide culture of customer success. 



How is the services team organized? 

The services team is set up to provide world-class customer experience: 

  • Implementation managers work with customers to understand the specific trading partner requirements and how we will integrate with our customers for the data we need to create touchless orders. They also work with customers to onboard and validate each of the trading partners. 
  • Connection developers configure the specific trading partner profiles.
  • Account managers work with customers once they’ve onboarded to ensure that they optimize their use of the purpose-built, cloud-based trade document automation platform. 

“The support provided by (Conexiom’s) account reps, customer success, and configuration teams is phenomenal.” 

Verified reviewer, Capterra 

How does Conexiom achieve rapid onboarding, which typically takes only about 30 days? 

The services team works interactively with customers to capture the business- and customer-specific rules that allow us to create touchless transactions. 

Because we have the knowledge of how to automate nearly any type of document, and because our clients have the knowledge of their business processes and customers, each automation solution is carefully customized to resolve that business’ unique challenges and fulfill the needs of their customers. 

We create an individualized plan based on each customer’s requirements, systems, business processes, and schedule. 

“The support team is very professional, responsive, and organized.” 

Andy K., Conexiom Review on G2 

Recently, Conexiom received an NPS® score of 72, which is remarkable for a software company. To what do you attribute that impressive rating? 

NPS is a solid way to measure the performance of our business. Not only do we have a product that truly does what it says it does, which is deliver True Automation across different trade documents, we also have a resultsfocused approach. 

We work directly with our customers to achieve their desired business outcomes. The reason why we have such a high NPS score is a marriage of the excellence of our platform combined with our dedication, in terms of working with our customers to implement and deploy the product in a way that achieves touchless transactions. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric developed by Bain and Company to measure a company’s customer experience and the loyalty of customers to a company. In a singlequestion survey, which asks, “How likely are you to recommend to <company> to a friend?,” a number from -100 to +100 is calculated, with a higher score indicating a better experience.


An NPS of 72 is almost unheard of in the software industry. This score truly reflects the value that our product and customer success teams deliver on a daily basis. Our customers know they can trust Conexiom to help them achieve their business goals, exceed ROI, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Ray Grady, President & CEO, Conexiom


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