Conexiom Voices: Product Manager Paloma Scheck Leads Conexiom’s Apps Within Salesforce

Paloma Scheck discusses the two highly useful Conexiom apps within Salesforce.

Paloma Scheck lives in Denver, Colorado, with her adorable rescue dog, Pilot. When she’s not walking Pilot, Paloma is likely reading or working out, two activities that she enjoys while not being able to travel during COVID restrictions. 

As a product manager for Conexiom, Paloma works with customers and colleagues to develop new product features and Conexiom apps that seamlessly integrate into Salesforce. In this Q&A, Paloma explains her role and how she builds out Conexiom apps within Salesforce. 

Describe your role as a product manager. 

As a product manager, my role centers around delivering our product vision. This includes identifying what we want to solvesetting a vision, designing the solution, performing customer validations to ensure we build the right things for our customers, and finally, working with our developers to realize this vision. I also work with internal teams to ensure they are familiar with our latest product offerings, hear their feedback, and offer guidance on customer-specific needs in Salesforce.  

How do you prioritize features to add to a release? 

First, I think about our customers’ needs and the problems they are trying to solveFor example, what results do  they need to deliver, and how can we at Conexiom help them achieve those results 

Then, I consider things like how easy the feature is to executehow quickly the Conexiom team can finish it, how much it costs, and how helpful it will be for our sales and services team. All those inputs help me decide what features to prioritize.  

What features are you currently focused on? 

am primarily responsible for the Conexiom Salesforce apps. 

The Connector app launched in November 2019. It connects our customers Salesforce instance with their instance in Conexiom. The app creates orders and cases in Salesforce for Conexiom documents and increases the visibility of their customers’ orders. 

For any Salesforce gurus out there, Conexiom integrates specifically with B2B Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud. 

For B2B Commerce, Conexiom digitizes emailed orders without changing customer behavior, helps customers take advantage of their eCommerce investment, and provides easier and faster visibility to customer orders.

For Service Cloud, Conexiom alerts management of cases created in Salesforce, tracks work from within Salesforce, and allows companies to set up processes for their teams to capitalize on investments. 

The second app, which launched in January 2021, is thConexiom for Salesforce app. It is built on Sales Cloud with an optional integration to Service Cloud. It’s a Conexiom user interface (UI) within Salesforce that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to present Conexiom data and actions within the Salesforce UI. This lets Conexiom users access our portal without leaving Salesforcebecause it links data from Conexiom to the relevant Salesforce account record so they can view data in a centralized platform.  

From talking to customers, I know their services teams have multiple screens because of the number of applications they use every day. Our customers see Salesforce as a platform to centralize their work and reduce swivel-chair.  

We integrated with Salesforce so our customers can work in the Salesforce platform while managing documents and orders processed through Conexiom

How do you contribute to Conexiom’s focus on creating automation solutions that deliver business outcomes? 

Digital transformation is a priority for our customers. And I’m passionate about creating an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for customers that use Salesforce as their centralized platform for activities 

My contribution is that I help link Conexiom activities to the correct Salesforce records for a single pane of glassview. This provides faster access to Conexiom since users can stay in the Salesforce application and focus on increasing their touchless rates.  

Touchless order processing converts the steady stream of purchase orders (POs) that manufacturers and distributors receive into a stack of flawless sales ordersall without any human input. The Conexiom solution delivers 100% data extraction accuracy and over 80% touchless order rates. Touchless orders are the gold standard for automation sales orders and invoices.  

If you could automate anything to assist you in your personal life, what would it be? 

If I were to automate anything in my personal life, it would be cooking. I spend a lot of time in the kitchenso automating this everyday task would be a welcome change.


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