Conexiom Voices: Senior Manager, IT Operations Peter Pacuch Streamlines Processes to Maintain Customer Trust

Peter Pacuch discusses the fundamental work behind making Conexiom a reliable solution.

“There is a solution for everything.” That’s Peter Pacuch’s motto when it comes to life. It’s also the mentality that best places him as Senior Manager, IT Operations at Conexiom.

With a passion for science, nature, and traveling, Peter understands that processes ensure consistency, reliability, and continuity. With this, Peter has spent the last 6 years at Conexiom making sure operations run smoothly for its customers.

In this Q&A, Peter explains the fundamental work behind Conexiom processes to provide users with an unparalleled experience.


Describe your role as Senior Manager, IT Operations.

As the senior manager, I lead the IT Support and IT Systems Administration teams.

The IT Support team provides general support to Conexiom employees who need technical assistance. Some of their responsibilities include onboarding, as well as installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and upgrading hardware and software.

The IT Systems Administration team offers next-level support. If there’s an unresolved issue in IT Support, then the systems administrators step in. IT systems administrators manage the corporate and production systems, network and server infrastructure, and provide technical support for clients with diverse requirements.

My job is to establish customer trust by ensuring our backend systems perform on the highest level possible. I also evaluate risk. With everything I do, I always have a backup plan. This ensures our processes are safe and continue to run smoothly in high-demand environments.

Business continuity on Conexiom’s end means business continuity on our customers’ end. Our company operations help our customers transform into modern businesses.


How is IT responsible for maintaining customer trust?

Conexiom funnels through hundreds of billions of dollars to our customers. We capture critical data from incoming purchase orders and automatically translate that data into sales orders that flow directly into our customers’ ERP systems. If this operation isn’t carried out seamlessly, our customers wouldn’t receive valuable orders, and we would lose their trust.

Over $100 billion in B2B sales are processed through 22 million transactions on the Conexiom platform annually.

IT regulates the process of moving purchase orders into customers’ ERP systems. We make sure our system is stable and operations are up. If any issue were to occur, our team is prepared to find a solution. That’s why customers trust Conexiom. We are a reliable, purpose-built solution that captures data with 100% accuracy. Although they don’t see the work we do behind the scenes, they see the outcomes we produce and trust our solution to grow their company.


What skills do you need to be successful in IT Operations?

Since the IT industry is ever-changing, you need to have the right education, extensive experience, and study constantly to be successful. It’s a fast-paced, complex environment, so you also need to be a good problem-solver and cover a wide spectrum of different systems.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are switching to automation solutions. To be successful in IT, you must stay up to date on industry trends and adapt with customer or market changes.

Lastly, you have to love what you do. Being driven and passionate to try new things outside of work will make you a top-ranked IT professional.

Every member of the Conexiom IT Operations team is motivated to create substantial outcomes. Our ability to work together and solve problems is what makes us a successful team.


What is the most memorable Conexiom IT project you’ve led?

In September 2019, we significantly improved the hardware in the Conexiom data center. We doubled the processing capacity, increased the storage capacity by 2.5 times, and increased the network speed. We also majorly upgraded our power distribution units.

To accomplish this, we performed a complete system outage. We stopped the Conexiom service, powered everything off, and removed the old hardware. As we rebuilt the new hardware, our team was prepared to restore Conexiom’s service a few hours later. With all the small, yet crucial details to track, we managed to keep the process well organized and under control. It was a difficult, high-risk project that paid off for the IT Operations team.


If you could automate anything in your personal life, what would it be?

Out of everything in my home, I would automate watering my plants. Different plants require different watering schedules and amounts of moisture, so it’s more complex than you think. I like to compare market solutions to what the iPhone did for cellphones. The iPhone completely transformed the tech industry. I’m still waiting for that “iPhone” technology to change the way I water my plants.


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