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Conexiom Voices: VP of Implementation and Director of Implementation Discuss Conexiom’s Proven Onboarding Method

Vice President of Implementation John Yau, and Director of Implementation Terra Casey explain the onboarding methodology Conexiom uses so customers achieve ROI in 30 days.

As Vice President, Implementation, John Yau and his team work closely with customers to drive success in all areas of their business through effective and efficient onboarding strategies.





Director of Implementation Terra Casey is responsible for the overall success of the Implementation team. With a team of 20 and growing, Terra manages customer onboarding into Conexiom and works with the team to tailor automation solutions to unique business challenges.



Can you describe Conexiom’s implementation process?

TC: We start by gathering requirements and understanding our customer’s current process. Our goal is to mimic that process using automation as best we can, while also introducing process improvements wherever possible. We take on the implementation of the initial few trading partners for our customers, then train them on how to implement themselves, staying close to offer support and efficiency wherever possible.

We work with our customers to get their accounts into production, and ensure their usage is where it should be. The real value from Conexiom is realized once their accounts are in production and they’re seeing documents processed within only a few minutes, with no manual intervention. The time savings they see for their teams is immediate and reinforces the value and purpose of Conexiom.

JY: We perform discovery to fully understand business requirements, and after that, we start an expedited process for the swift onboarding of more trading partners. We work closely with our clients to ensure timelines consider their needs, resources, and bandwidth.

Every customer has different needs and requirements. I’ve worked with many accounts and have been part of several large-scale implementations with complex requirements. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a customer requirement unable to be met by Conexiom.

Terra Casey

TC: We make implementations as easy and painless as possible for our customers. Implementing Conexiom with our customers is really a partnership. Understanding what they’re doing today, along with what works well for them and what doesn’t in that current process, is a valuable step in the implementation workflow. It’s important that we don’t require our customers’ customers to change any of their habits, so we work hard to mimic their current processes. Often, our customers’ customers don’t even know they’re using Conexiom. Many of our customers view Conexiom as a competitive advantage in the industry and like to keep it a secret.

A Conexiom user on G2 agrees that Conexiom’s implementation process is easy, saying, “Implementation is smooth, and accuracy is high.”

How do we partner with customers to help them achieve their desired business outcomes?

TC: It comes down to communication and understanding. We know our customers have a need to fill, and we have the solution. By communicating and working closely together to understand their business requirements, paired with an intimate knowledge of how our product works, we’re able to come up with creative and useful solutions that allow our customers to realize immense value in a short period of time. You can’t provide a solution to a problem you don’t understand, so we make sure to get a good grasp so we can provide the best service and, subsequently, the best product for our customers’ needs.

JY: We do not want customers to self-edit. If there’s a business process you want to improve with automation that we may be able to solve, tell us. We will explore options with you. And we will research and discuss how we might be able to help, and let you know if it’s not something we can solve. We have some very skilled people on the team that have delivered new innovation for our customers.

We treat our customers as partners. That means mutual collaboration and understanding. You can learn about our world and what we’re capable of, and we seek to understand your world and how we can resolve your business issues. Our customers have amazing stories – and our fundamental goal is to help make their lives better.

John Yau

What hurdles have you helped customers overcome to ensure that they optimize the Conexiom platform?

TC: A few years back, one of my customers had trouble getting their employees to use Conexiom; change management can be difficult sometimes. Our CEO tasked me and some brilliant Conexiom minds with finding a solution. We created Rules-Based Order Processing (RBOP) as a solution to increase usage volume by way of filters on both the customer’s mail server and within our Partner Portal.

RBOP proved to be successful in driving up usage for that one customer, so we made the tool easy to use in our portal and available to other customers that experience the same issue. We now have many customers who take advantage of this tool and have found great success with it. I’m proud of what the team accomplished with this solution and am always excited to talk about it.

Our team members are driven, passionate, and take great care in their work. The commitment to excellence is second to none. Great service comes from a can-do attitude and a desire to see our customers succeed. It helps, too, that the product is world-class and incredibly effective.

Terra Casey

JY: We tailor everything to each customer’s unique needs.

For example, based on the orders coming in, one of our clients had to formulate what products would physically fit on a pallet, because, at the end of the day, the pallet goes into their trucks, which have a specific weight limit. So, there’s complex logic to determine how to palletize the orders so the trucks are not overloaded.

Conexiom Sales Order Automation automated this process to allow for the cross-referencing of part numbers and weight, so it calculates what will fit into a truck by weight. Before Conexiom, this laborious task was performed manually.

How is Conexiom different than other automation platforms, in terms of services provided?

JY: We are very collaborative, meaning that we keep the dialog going to better understand all of our customers’ businesses. That is a key differentiator. We have extremely skilled individuals within the Implementation team that are communicative, proactive, and very collaborative.

TC: Our Implementation, Development, Product, Solutions Engineering, Connection Development, and Operations teams are constantly developing clever ways to approach complexity. Not being restricted to an out-of-the-box product is paramount; it allows us to pivot wherever necessary. It also means that we’re always learning, because we’re trying new things that we may never have done before.


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