30 November 2020 | Technology

Don‘t Wait to Automate, Pt. 2: Don’t (Re)Hire… Automate

Manage demand spikes and optimize your existing resources with sales order automation.

In the previous blog, we revealed how sales order automation helps get your business future readyNow, we’ll touch on the second automation strategy to transform into a modern business: Don’t (re)hireAutomate. 

2020 forced you to do more with less. Less cash flow. Less face-to-face time. Fewer promptly paid invoices. And perhaps less employees.  

You made do with fewer people and work-from-home scenarios while maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction. But it required you to rethink how you operate, create value for your business, and deliver value to your customers. 

You’ve weathered the storm and are ready to move forward. Maybe you are thinking about rehiring employees and bringing new talent into the organization. But is that really necessary? 

According to Forrester®, the organization of the future depends on automation to create massive efficiencies and new capabilities—and has the potential to unleash human capital to pursue more creative, higher-value goals. 


Manage Demand Spikes Without Increasing Headcount 

As a manufacturer or distributor that relies on manually entering invoices and purchase orders, you might have anxiety about aligning staffing levels to accommodate the ebbs and flows of orders.  

Predicting and staffing for spikes in demand can be a planning nightmare, and COVID-19 underscored the fragility of the U.S. market, for example. Demand for hand sanitizer, paper products, and disinfectant wipes skyrocketed, while milk products and fresh produce were destroyed as a result of the food-supply disruption.  

Sales order automation eliminates this challenge. It scales with your business. Because CSRs are not manually entering and verifying orders, there’s no mandatory overtime or late nights spent by your team to manage increased order volumes.  

With Conexiom, for example, global leader Genpak reduced its team by three employees through natural attrition and task redeployment.  

How Conexiom manages demand spikes: 

  • Reduces costs associated with processing high-volume orders  
  • Delivers orders automatically into any ERP system  
  • Streamlines business processes through scalability 
  • Frees CSRs to focus on elevating customer experience  

Your CSRs are your most important asset in delivering a meaningful customer experience that creates a competitive advantage. You don’t need more people to do that; you need to make your current people better. 


Reallocate Resources to Drive Revenue and Strategic Growth 

You didn’t hire CSRs to have them spend hours each day manual keying in purchase orders. Let them do what they do best: provide impeccable customer service to keep your clients engaged and loyal. 

Not only does this shift in business function increase your customer base, it also has a direct effect on employee satisfaction. Employees that focus on more creative, problem-solving tasks are happier and, therefore, companies experience lower turnover rates. 

“Our CSR team used to spend 80% of their time on order entry and 20% of their time on customers. [With Conexiom], it’s 80% on customers and 20% on order entry. And no need to backfill former employees.” 

Genpak, Conexiom client 

With sales order automation, your CSRs stop performing tedious, time-consuming, and manual tasks. They add value to your business, creating new opportunities and nurturing existing relationships. 

How Conexiom optimizes your existing resources: 

  • Serves customers accurately and quickly, while freeing up valuable staff 
  • Increases employee—and customer—satisfaction 
  • Eliminates manual data entry, allowing staff to focus on revenue-driving tasks 

“Staff can now take calls on non-structured orders that are more varied and custom, as well as spend more time with customers. They have time to answer questions on product selection and installation, as well as support sales staff in providing sales data and reports.” 

Häfele America Co., Conexiom customer  

When you implement sales order automation to eliminate inefficiencies, your internal resources can focus on driving revenue and implementing innovative strategies that keep your business growing and moving forward. 

You can find more innovative strategies in Part 3 of this series: Automate Your Business, Automate Your Success. 

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