Customer Service

How to Drive Customer Loyalty

Rather than drive margins down and compete on price, distributors are looking for ways to ensure customer loyalty.

Steadily declining customer interaction is leaving businesses puzzled over how to drive customer loyalty. A practical recipe to create a competitive advantage is by delivering outstanding customer value.

In our digital age, many businesses find themselves at risk of losing touch with their customers. Today most customers are able to find the information they need without picking up the phone. The Internet also introduces increased competition from non-local businesses and major online retailers. With a shrinking personal touch, distributors and manufacturers are scratching their heads looking for way to differentiate themselves.

Rather than drive margins down and compete on price, distributors are looking for ways to ensure customer loyalty. The good news is that one of the major downfalls of e-commerce is the burden imposed on the customer. All too often, customers need to generate their own internal PO and then re-enter their order in a web-based format. Rather than follow suit and force your customers to do the work twice, why not think about how you can make their lives easier instead?

Sure, you can assume the burden yourself and manually re-enter customer orders with your in-house CSR team. But is this the best use of resources and does it really give you a competitive advantage? Although processing orders is a mission critical function for any sales organization, re-keying your customers’ data while necessary, doesn’t deliver any actual value to your customers. In fact, this method can slow down order cycle times, delay product deliveries, and lead to incorrect orders due to keying errors.

Thankfully, there is a way to eliminate the duplication of effort all together. Sales order automation solutions transform customer POs into sales orders automatically without human intervention. Worried about processing orders correctly? No problem. Today’s top solutions offer 100% data accuracy so you can confidently reduce error rates while increasing customer satisfaction. Getting the right products to your customers every time is a big plus.

Most importantly, sales order automation enables you to refocus your CSR team on growing the business. By freeing your staff from tedious manual entry, CSRs have time to concentrate on getting to know your customers better and take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction. Sales automation makes time for building customer relationships and even identify ways to improve your business.

Another great way to impress your customers can be found in harnessing the analytics available through automation. Analyzing customer buying behaviors can create proactive opportunities to make your customers’ lives easier, like suggesting complementary products and anticipating purchasing needs, while increasing your company’s revenue and boosting customer loyalty. Learn more about Conexiom’s automated order fulfillment software today.