02 March 2015 | Technology

It’s Just Like EDI With Less Work

Launching your first EDI solution is a rigorous process. So once you're up and running, how can you leverage your EDI investment with more customers?

Establishing the infrastructure required to launch your first EDI solution is a rigorous process. So once you’re up and running, how can you leverage your EDI investment with more customers?

Implementing your first EDI solution takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The people, process, infrastructure, and sheer hard work involved in getting set up can be an exhausting ordeal. And that’s just on your end. From your customer’s perspective, conforming to a standard template for every purchase order issued by each employee, department, and office is a massive undertaking.

The upside is that once you’re set up for your first EDI, it’s painless to enroll more customers. After all, the infrastructure has already been established and tested. As a busy distributor or manufacturer, it’s hard not to dream of a world where every PO arrives in a standardized electronic format that automatically converts to a sales order in your existing ERP. But the challenge lies in convincing your customers to make the move to EDI.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you’re in business to serve your customers and each customer is unique. Most likely you handle hundreds of PO formats arriving by fax, email or phone. Then your team of Customer Service Representatives manually re-enters each customer order into your system for processing. This duplication of effort is frustrating, slow, and far too often, introduces costly keying errors.

So how can you leverage the investment you’ve already made in EDI? Surely, there has to be a way to simplify your approach to sales orders without inflicting a large burden upon your valued customers. Fortunately, there is a sales order automation solution that fills the void between EDI, web-order entry, and Optical Character Recognition tools.

With 100% data-capture accuracy, Conexiom confidently turns your emailed and faxed POs into sales orders in your ERP system automatically. Diversity is no problem. It handles as many unique PO formats as you do without forcing your customers to change. In fact in most cases, your customers don’t even know you’ve changed your business processes. It’s just like implementing multiple EDI solutions without having to get your customers involved.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to maximize your EDI investment, make your life easier, and improve the bottom line, let’s talk and see if sales order automation software is right for you.