Gaining a Serious Competitive Advantage Has Never Been Easier

Imagining the possibilities to create a better future creates the right environment for innovation, growth, enhanced profitability and customer excellence.

It’s rather seductive to talk about all of the rewards that lie on the other side of one’s comfort zone. After all, who isn’t impressed by the luscious grass on the other side of the fence? The wheel of progress today is about constant innovation and achieving peak efficiency. It can be exhausting and frustrating as we search for the next new idea worth pursuing.

One of the characteristics of leading edge organizations is their willingness to take calculated risks. Bold actions drive advancement and ultimately success. Big ideas also hold the power to gain an edge over the competition. But all too often, big ideas are suffocated by fear. Embracing change doesn’t usually feel safe, which leads to aversion, delays and stagnation.

As Einstein so brilliantly articulated, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This insight still reigns true today. When it comes to order processing, one of the most common sources of daily frustration revolves around processing mountains of paper.

Despite the evolution of technology, the vast majority of customer orders still require manual processing. Modern distributors and manufacturers are yearning for a better solution, but many are unsure of a robust alternative safe enough to automate order entry and handle their customer orders. And the concern around reliability is well-justified since serving customers is the reason companies exist. Accuracy is critical and the sanctity of preserving customer satisfaction cannot be understated.

Thankfully there’s an extraordinary solution that will revolutionize your approach to order processing. It offers 100% data capture accuracy and it’s sure to change how you do business. In fact, it already has for many organizations from innovative global manufacturers to rapidly expanding national distributors.

Companies are starting to recognize that manually processing line item after line item is an antiquated process that doesn’t offer their customers any real value. And so many have eagerly embraced sales order automation, which seamlessly transforms purchase orders into sales orders in the existing ERP system with total accuracy.

There are many reasons to switch. For some, it’s about the inefficiency of re-entering data or the high transactional costs of having each order physically touched. And for others, it’s about about avoiding costly manual errors or duplicate and lost orders. But the best reason to switch is about gaining a serious competitive advantage.

Let’s face it. Your employees are incredible assets. They’re skilled, resourceful and adept problem solvers. Burdening staff with manual order entry squanders their natural talent and keeps them buried in repetitive, mundane tasks. With sales order automation and automated sales order fulfillment software, you can confidently leave the tedious work behind and refocus staff on revenue generating activities that enhance your bottom line. So what are you waiting for?