Processing orders is the lifeblood of your business as a trusted supplier. Aside from managing inventory, purchasing and infrastructure, order fulfillment is the most critical aspect of your business and it’s the one area frequently overlooked. The majority of busy distributors have invested in some type of ERP system to manage internal resources. But the order management process usually leaves a lot to be desired.

From the customer’s perspective, you’re here to serve. Which means receiving orders in a variety of formats including fax, email, and even phone. Customers don’t want to deal with the challenge of dual entry – that is entering the order once in their own system to generate a purchase order and then re-entering that order in your system to create a sales order. So they send in their unique purchase orders and leave the rest up to you.

In response, you’ve probably created a team of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to handle order processing. But each order that requires a manual touch takes valuable time to process. And it also creates the opportunity for keying errors, the need for verification, and delays in order cycle times. Managing this process can become frustrating and overwhelming as order volumes fluctuate.

One of the biggest ways to drive an immediate improvement in your bottom line is by creating hands-free order processing. Eliminating the manual intervention speeds order processing with an average 30% shorter order cycle time. Not only are order processing costs reduced, but now orders are processed in seconds rather than minutes. After implementing Conexiom, our customers have noticed a time savings of up to 95% when it comes to order processing.

Saving time means saving money. And becoming more efficient with your order management process, allows you to be more competitive and balance operational costs. Rather than trying to apply a one-size fits all solution, implementing Conexiom allows your customers to continue to do business as usual. Customers can keep on placing purchase orders in their preferred fax and email format and with Conexiom they’re automatically captured into a sales order in your existing ERP system.

Our customers are excited to automate the sales order process, and in some cases without their customers even knowing there’s been an internal process change! Finding a way to become more efficient without burdening customers creates big ROI. Not to mention the increase in order accuracy and customer service. Are you ready to take the first step to improve how you’re taking and fulfilling orders?