Helping Branch Managers Become Superheroes

Business acceleration technology and environmental responsibility are converging in a way that improves the bottom line and saves the planet.

Corporate social responsibility has been reaching company radars for over a decade. It’s only gaining in popularity and for good reason. Everyone wants to do business with and work for organizations that are making a difference. Plus, organizations that are committed to doing their part typically report higher levels of employee engagement.

There are many ways companies can choose to be responsible. It’s usually some combination of support for the economically disadvantaged, social causes and environmental stewardship. Donating money and time are the easiest choices, but few are taking steps to embrace sustainability.

Now going green sounds difficult. With so many options to consider, figuring out where to start can quickly become overwhelming. Since most choices require a significant capital investment that takes years to pay for itself, it can be a hard sell. The good news is that installing low-flow faucets isn’t the only way to become environmentally conscious.

Being green is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Thankfully sustainability comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the smartest green moves a company can make is at the intersection of environmental responsibility and business acceleration technology, also known as sales order and AP invoice automation.

With sales order automation software, you can kiss paper goodbye. Well not all papers, but you’ll notice an immediate reduction in the amount of time spent pushing mountains of paper around the office. Plus, relying on paper and human intervention to process customer orders and supplier invoices is expensive, slow and frustrating.

Going paperless is a smart move that’s not only better for the environment but for your company’s bottom line too. Sure there are the obvious savings derived from lighter paper usage, less printing and fewer boxes to store and file. But since people actually do the printing, not machines, there’s further savings from not having to physically touch each piece of paper.

Sales order automation and invoice automation are two great ways to transform customer service and accounts payable, while becoming environmentally responsible at the same time. Plus switching to automation reduces transactional costs by up to 90%. If saving the planet while becoming more profitable sounds like a winning combination, put on your cape and give us a call.