How to Improve the Customer Experience

Uncover common frustrations that damage customers’ experience and learn how to resolve them with a revolutionary approach to simplifying order management.

We’ve all heard the hype around customer experience. But what does it actually mean? Customer experience (Cx) is the cumulative impact of every one of your customer’s interactions with your organization over their lifespan. From discovery to cultivation to purchase and daily usage, every time your company, product or services engages with one of your customers, it forms a part of the total customer experience.

Today, Cx is the coveted benchmark that leads to greater loyalty, increased revenue, customer advocacy and even happier employees. It’s no wonder then that we find ourselves changing our processes and culture to improve our customers’ experience. Many of us have revamped our customer onboarding processes, scheduled regular account health checks and created additional opportunities to get in touch with our customers more often.

Maximizing satisfaction at key touch points is a great first step. Building robust internal processes and investing in technology to improve communications, inventory, warehousing and deliveries have become common practice. But if you really listen closely to your customers, you can discover other shortcomings that damage the Cx. One of the most popular insights is around creating a better ordering experience.

And here’s why. The majority of modern distributors and manufacturers are still relying on manual order processing. This means that customers submit purchase orders that join a backlog of orders waiting to be processed by a customer service representative (CSR). Before customer orders can transition into sales orders, CSRs need to manually re-key the critical order data into the ERP system.

The hard truth is that re-entering data is not actually a service to customers. It’s actually a disservice considering that the manual processing introduces delays, lost or duplicate orders and errors. Plus, this process leaves the CSR team so busy that they don’t have time to actually respond to any customers or focus on delivering real service.

Customers are commonly frustrated with a lack of certainty about when their orders have been processed. They’re also dissatisfied with the lack of visibility in the order process and of course, introducing errors into a perfect purchase order is never going to impress customers. Although many are aware of how this archaic process fails everyone involved, discovering a trustworthy alternative has proved difficult.

Finding the right sales order automation and sales order management software is a total game changer. It can revolutionize the ordering process and delight your customers. Not only can it offer 100% data accuracy, but it can also handle higher volumes and reduce transactional costs. If this sounds good to you, give us call today and explore if Conexiom is the right move for you.