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Mister Chemical Selects Conexiom

Leading janitorial solutions supplier in Canada selects sales order automation to increase efficiency and improve customer service during peak times

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (April 5, 2016) – ecmarket, a cloud solutions company, announced today that the Canada-wide supplier of janitorial solutions, Mister Chemical Ltd, has implemented Conexiom Sales Order Automation to increase efficiency, manage sales volume and relieve them of manual sales order entry. Faced with unpredictable order volumes and the constant need to divert additional staff to manage backlog, Mister Chemical selected Conexiom for its ability to eliminate labor-intensive and error-prone manual order entry without affecting how their customers communicate with them. Conexiom integrates with their existing ERP system, processing critical order data with 100% accuracy.

With Conexiom, Mister Chemical will increase their ability to take on high volumes of sales orders, without sacrificing their industry-leading customer support. Using non-OCR technology, Conexiom converts emailed and printed customer purchases into automated sales orders without requiring any human intervention.

“A challenge we would typically face is having to pull in extra staff members to manage orders during random peak periods,” says Warren Jacobs, CEO of Mister Chemical Ltd. “With Conexiom, our staff is no longer inundated with interruptions due to large order volumes. Instead, they can focus on providing great customer service which is invaluable to our business goals. Our company and staff members have grown to become more sophisticated leaders and educators supporting our clients’ true needs, versus a culture of order-entry specialists which was prevalent in the past.”

“Suppliers often face the burden of not knowing when customers are going to place large orders, putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on their staff,” states ecmarket CEO, Brent Halverson. “Mister Chemical looked to Conexiom to ultimately eliminate this issue completely by removing the need for manual processes with automated order entry software, allowing them to process sales orders of any volume around the clock.”

About Mister Chemical Ltd

Mister Chemical is Canada’s leading distributor of the most innovative solutions for maintenance and janitorial services, providing customers quality products since 1973. With solutions ranging from facility aesthetics , air quality and even green programs, Mister Chemical prides itself on providing the most flexible and professional customer service for their customers to accomplish their goals.