Refocusing Customer Service Staff

Sales order automation leaves CSRs with time to spare and can leave you wondering how to make the most of this free time. Here's how you can create big value.

Sales order automation creates a host of benefits ranging from operational efficiencies to cost savings. Automating purchase orders means that Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can organize less paper and spend less time processing orders manually. Which leaves us with the burning question, “What do I do with all that free time?”

Traditionally, customer orders received by email, fax, and phone created the problem of dual entry. The customer order information needed to be re-entered in the supplier’s system before the order could be processed. Thanks to Conexiom’s ability to capture order data with 100% accuracy, Customer Service staff find themselves with free time on their hands.

Every customer chooses to use these unclaimed hours differently, but the common theme is delivering better customer service. Here’s how. Sometimes customers with large, complex orders or unusual requirements need a little bit of extra attention with your in-house experts to ensure they specify the right parts. Or other times, the CSR team can focus on proactively reaching out to customers to check on the health of the account and the customer’s satisfaction. Many great ways to improve a business have surfaced simply by talking to its customers, which can be difficult to do when your staff is overwhelmed processing orders.

In one instance, a company decided to refocus staff on revenue generating activities that deliver real business value. Finding time to think strategically to improve the bottom line has improved employees’ job satisfaction while positively impacting customer service. Other clever uses include using the reclaimed hours to analyze customer history looking at data trends, volumes, pricing, and margins. This information can be used to help customers manage their inventory better, order smarter, and even save money. Not to mention improving your own profitability and maybe even order volume.

There’s one thing we’ve noticed in every case. Every distributor can supply products, but not every supplier is a true business partner helping customers to do more with less. After enrolling customers in Conexiom, every distributor has found a unique way to deliver even more value to their customers and improve their bottom line. Isn’t it about time you explored how you can save money while serving your customers better?