The Age of Automation

In a time when customers want more for less and competition has never been fiercer, staying ahead of the game is about survival of the leanest.

We’ve moved beyond the Digital Age into a new era of continuous improvement. And alongside it, there’s an intense scrutiny on becoming leaner. No it’s not another diet fad or fitness craze. It’s about efficiency combined with overall worth. Today companies are constantly striving to do more with less, while simultaneously delivering better value to their customers.

Originally spawned during the 80s and 90s with SixSigma and Lean Manufacturing, it’s blossomed into the survival of the leanest. Companies are applying this philosophy to every aspect of the business. Each department is actively seeking new improvements that will transform an aspect of the business with an eye on the long-term operational advantages.

Offshoring, outsourcing and automating are becoming the norm and give companies a competitive edge. There are apps, software and enterprise systems available to automate virtually every manual process imaginable from HR to marketing to finance. Departments everywhere are tightening their belts.

One of the most labor-intensive areas of any business is manually processing orders and invoices. Yet it doesn’t have to be. The frustrating experience of processing a mountain of paperwork and physically re-entering critical data from each page has finally come to an end. Thanks to Sales Order Automation and AP Invoice Automation, there’s a much better way.

Working smarter, not harder, is the name of the game. Leveraging technology to revolutionize the flow of critical data is a complete game changer. With the right automated sales order management solution, you can accelerate processing times, reduce costly keying errors, integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, save money and even improve cash flow management.

As an added bonus, Conexiom’s automated order entry software means spending less time on tedious repetitive tasks, resulting in more satisfied employees. It also creates free time to allow staff to focus their attention on delivering real customer service, building healthy relationships and other valuable revenue-generating activities. If you’re ready to unlock your true potential, it’s time to explore getting leaner with Conexiom.