In a competitive industry with compressed margins, companies know that growth and profit means providing an outstanding customer experience, while simultaneously applying revenue driving strategies to realize growth objectives. Both tasks reside with the inside sales team. Your competitors have figured out how to unlock 30% more capacity from their team for these tasks without adding costs.

The average sales team in wholesale distribution only spends 20% of their day actively selling. Progressive companies know that to continue to operate where the selling ratio against other tasks is so nominal, achieving sales targets will become increasingly difficult. Additionally, one on one, personalized service is key to customer loyalty and revenue growth.

According to a MDM/Real Results Marketing study on buyer behavior, 70% of customers in wholesale distribution and manufacturing favor sending their orders via email. Subsequently, CSRs are burdened with manually processing these orders, inhibiting them from spending time on revenue generating tasks.

Progressive companies have discovered that there is no solution other than the automation of manually keyed orders that will truly provide a remarkable time savings and give time back to CSRs. No technology more effectively increases capacity than sales order automation.

Automate emailed orders that are currently being manually keyed and free up time for your sales team to:

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Reduce order cycle times and fulfill orders faster
  • Have happier, more engaged staff

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