The Challenge

CAPP/USA is a leading supplier of process instrumentation controls, HVAC, and electrical and flame safeguard controls. As a busy supplier, CAPP/USA easily receives hundreds of vendor invoices every day that need to be entered, verified, and approved by the accounts payable team.

The Solution

Conexiom was a natural fit because it captures critical data from computer-generated invoices and automatically processes them in the existing financial system without requiring human intervention. By mapping vendor invoices directly to their ERP, it also solved the problem of manual re-entry and long reconciliation times.

What they say
“We would highly recommend Conexiom because it’s the total package. It’s undeniably more accurate and faster, while removing the tedious manual tasks from our AP team making their lives easier, which creates happier employees and a better work environment.”
Elizabeth Richardt, Operations Manager, CAPP/USA