The Challenge

Originally founded in 1940 in the Netherlands, ERIKS has grown to become a leading international supplier of high quality mechanical engineering components, technical services, and efficient logistics. As a busy supplier, ERIKS Seals received an incredible volume of orders daily, including large, complex orders with many line items that each needed to be manually keyed. Not only did this process demand valuable employee time, but it created the problem of dual entry, which in turn, slowed processing speeds.

The Solution

Conexiom captures computer-generated purchase orders and automatically transforms them into electronic sales orders. Immediately this solved the problem of dual entry without requiring any changes to existing business processes or specialized IT infrastructure. “We could see Conexiom was incredibly responsive during set-up, testing, and the move to production,” shared Eric Cuellar, Manager of Administrative Logistics. Once up and running, the benefits were instantly visible to ERIKS Seals, both in terms of cost reductions and business value.

What they say
“Since installing Conexiom, we’ve shifted our CSR team away from manually keying orders and created space for other tasks, like in-depth customer service. It’s the biggest business advantage by far.”
Eric Cuellar, Manager of Administrative Logistics at ERIKS Seals