Customer Story
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National Marker Company Reduces Cost of Processing Orders, Boosts Productivity

Automation Outcomes

  • Process orders faster with 100% accuracy

  • Reduce costs

  • Eliminate manual order entry

  • Refocus CSRs to revenue-generating tasks

The benefits National Marker Company have realized with Conexiom include eliminating manual order entry, faster and more accurate order processing, and reduced costs all while boosting productivity by letting customer service team members focus on other tasks. Thanks to Conexiom, NMC has saved money by reducing the expenses associated with order processing costs and is now handling higher order volumes without requiring extra staff.

The Challenge

National Marker Company (NMC) is a leading provider of safety identification. Originally founded in 1934, NMC has evolved to deliver vital messages to prevent loss of life and damages, while improving productivity and safety. As the first choice for safety identification across the USA, NMC was handling an incredible volume of orders daily. While some larger customers chose to use EDI, the majority of customers submitted orders in a more traditional means including phone, fax, and email. NMC identified the need for a low-cost solution to automate the sales order process.

The Solution

In 2010, NMC turned to Conexiom to automate the ordering process and eliminate the bottleneck of manual entry. Eager to try Conexiom, NMC analyzed their customer base to determine where they would get the most value by converting their loyal, frequent customers to sales order automation. Conexiom was the ideal solution for NMC because it captures customer orders in the customer’s own format and automatically transforms them into electronic sales orders. This eliminates the challenge of dual entry and is complementary to their existing EDI and eCommerce platforms.

What they say
“Conexiom has helped us to eliminate having to enter orders manually. We have definitely seen ROI as a result, as well as a benefit to our customers because their orders are entered faster and bottlenecks are eliminated. We are now able to enter more orders without adding more people and Conexiom is a big reason for that.”
Jeff Morris, Information Technology Manager at NMC