The Challenge

Revere Electric Supply is a fourth generation electrical and automation distributor based out of Chicago with eight locations in the Midwest. The company serves original equipment manufacturers, repair operations, system integrators, contractors and government agencies. Their large customer base and even larger range of products called for the optimization of their order processing: orders were received via EDI and eCommerce as well as email, fax and phone. Each method presented different challenges and it became evident they needed to reduce the heavy reliance upon manual entry. “Low tech solutions were not efficient”, says Revere VP of Information Technology, Mike Prepelica. “The standard methods were not the best use of our most valuable asset – our employees.”

The Solution

Revere Electric Supply implemented the Conexiom order automation solution for a pilot program with select customers. Conexiom captures and transforms computer-generated purchase orders received from customers into electronic sales orders in their Eclipse ERP automatically. By mapping customer orders directly to their ERP, it solved the problem of dual entry, as well as order accuracy. “Our customers were unaware that we began using a system to automatically process their orders. What they do know is that we’re providing faster, more accurate service,” shared Prepelica. Revere re-claimed 30 minutes per order and saved 95% of their time – substantial numbers in a business where time is money. The impressive results demonstrate the true business value of Conexiom, as well as its ability to pay for itself with just a few high value customers. Customer Service staff were repurposed and Revere was able to turn its attention to growth of the company.

What they say
“Before Conexiom, Customer Service would receive a 90+ line item order that took 20-30 minutes to enter, while juggling other priorities. Now we receive the order back in 10 minutes and not only did we save time by avoiding manual entry, but we gained an extra 20-30 minutes to spend on other tasks. It’s a true success.”
Dave Christoffel, Customer Service Supervisor at Revere Electric