The Challenge

Royal Brass & Hose is a leading distributor of hydraulic hoses, fittings, assemblies, tube bending and fabrication. Every week, the AP team receives numerous supplier invoices that need to be processed quickly and efficiently. Royal Brass & Hose needed to fill the gap between EDI processing and receiving fax and email documents that required human intervention.

The Solution

Conexiom was the ideal solution because it captures critical line item data from computer generated invoices and orders and then automatically processes them in their existing ERP system. Royal Brass & Hose was excited to lessen the burden of manual data entry for both their AP and CSR teams.

What they say
“We were really excited about the ability to stop relying on people to physically handle paperwork, which in turn would help us process orders and invoices faster – and with greater accuracy of information. Thanks to Conexiom’s ability to minimize the volume of tedious, repetitive tasks, we’ve created space to find new ways to add value to our business, so it’s a big victory.”
Drew MacDonald, Vice President, Royal Brass & Hose