Customer Story
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Shuster Corporation Accelerates eCommerce Order Processing by 50%

Automation Outcomes

  • Streamlined eCommerce through third parties, such as Amazon

  • Accelerated order-processing speeds by 50% with improved accuracy

  • Increased growth and profitability

Like many innovative suppliers, Shuster recognized the need to harness the potential of an omni-channel distribution model to better serve their customers. After investing heavily in their online division, they’ve enjoyed rapid growth in online sales including sales through major third-party vendors like eBay and Amazon.

The Challenge

Shuster Bearings is an international supplier of industrial bearings, engineered components, hydraulics and power transmission products. Processing orders arriving via Amazon and eBay required several additional steps, which increased the inside sales team’s already heavy workload.

The Solution

Shuster needed a solution that would streamline third-party e-commerce by making the process more efficient while reducing the reliance on manual intervention. Shuster selected Conexiom to revolutionize online ordering.

What they say
“Manual order processing used to delay ship times and extend order cycles, but with Conexiom we’ve cut processing times by 50% because orders are now processed immediately upon receipt. Now there’s time to explore offering new products, updates, websites, and new avenues. It’s incredibly exciting.”
Justin Bouley, Controller and Manager of Information Systems, Shuster Bearings