Identify the Best Trading Partners for Your Organization with Email Analytics

Prioritize the onboarding of trading partners by enabling Email Analytics to examine PO email data and report on which customers are best suited for Sales Order Automation.

How Email Analytics Works

We take a batch of emails from a defined date range as a sample.
We programmatically evaluate and group data by commonality.
We provide insights into the best trading partners to onboard.
We take a batch of emails from a defined date range as a sample.
We programmatically evaluate and group data by commonality.
We provide insights into the best trading partners to onboard.

Prioritize the Trading Partners to Onboard with Email Analytics

Conexiom Email Analytics gives insight on customer order volume and reports on which customers are most suitable for immediate onboarding into Conexiom—all without manual examination.

Save Time with Actionable Insights

We analyze your customer data to assess and recommend the optimal trading partners to onboard, so you don't have to waste time or your talents doing manual review.

Optimize Your Automation Solutions

Gain visibility into which customers require the most effort from your CSRs to process, so you can automate and give them time back to focus on engaging customers.

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Integrate with the Systems You Already Use

The easier question is “What doesn’t Conexiom integrate with?”

Turn Your Customer Experience into a Competitive Advantage

Werner Electric Supply chose Conexiom to help them in their relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience.


Hours per year freed for CSR’s


Data Accurate Purchase Orders


Trading Partners Automated

“Our customers can’t believe how fast we can turn around purchase orders. We can get them up-to-date information within minutes.”

Mike Jirikowic

Continuous Improvement Leader

Werner Electric Supply

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Calculate Your Automation Potential

Number of CSR’s Manually Entering Data?

Number of staff members responsible for manually entering / processing documents.

Percentage of Time Spent on Manual Entry

Percentage of time spent manually entering or processing documents.

Average Salary of a CSR

Average fully-loaded salary of your staff members responsible for document processing.

Manual Entry Cost


Time Wasted

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Average Savings via Automation


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Every Document Automation Tool You Need in One Platform

Transform emailed trade payable invoices into EDI 810s

Increase response speed for quotes and win more business

Turn existing SPAs into structured electronic order agreements in your ERP system

Remove the manual entry of purchase orders and put the “customer” back in “customer service rep”

Quickly determine which trading partners to onboard into Conexiom

Instantly convert vendor order acknowledgements into an ERP system-compatible file that matches an existing PO

The Automation Imperative for Manufacturers & Distributors

This whitepaper delves into the efficiencies delivered by automated processes and how leading manufacturers and distributors have successfully transformed their Sales Order and Invoice Processing operations.


Don‘t Wait to Automate, Pt. 1: Get Your Business Future Ready

Transform your business with sales order automation to build resiliency and enhance the customer experience to gain a competitive advantage.


Still Doing It Manually? Time to Automate Your Sales Order Process

A purpose-built, fully automated sales order solution that transforms incoming electronic documents into 100% data-accurate touchless outcomes can save money, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience—all while accelerating your digital transformation efforts.


Take the work out of prioritizing which customers to onboard into Conexiom.

You chose Conexiom to automate tedious, manual data-entry processes, so it only makes sense not to spend hours manually determining which customers to onboard.