Live Webinar: Accelerating Order Management Transformation with a Center of Excellence

November 30th | 10am ET / 4pm CET

Discover how to drive sustainable digital transformation and value realization with a Center of Excellence (CoE)


November 30th

Conexiom, Ellen Lighting Stats

Meet the Panel

Ray Grady, Conexiom’s President & CEO joins Celonis in welcoming special guest, Richard Goede, Automation and Immersive Realities Manager at ExxonMobil, to discuss what inspired them to build a CoE, the impact it has had on their business, and how they continue to optimize their Order Management processes.

Join this Webinar to Learn:

  • How establishing a CoE enables businesses to scale innovation across processes
  • How to identify and prioritize pain points within the Order Management process
  • Macro-trends influencing how business leaders evaluate the efficiency of Order Management
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