After EDI: How to Extend Your Automation Investment with AI-Enhanced Order Processing


April 20th


11am CT, 12pm ET, 4pm CET, 5pm GMT

EDI may have been a key part of automating your order processing, but its complexity and increasing cost-of-ownership means it isn’t suitable for most of your clients. This leaves you relying on manual order entry for the rest of your clients, undercutting the benefits of automation. 

According to our survey report, 82% of Manufacturers and 71% of Distributors are concerned about filling open headcount at their companies over the next five years.  

With 47% of manufacturers and distributors having entire teams dedicated to manually processing documents, it’s clear that businesses need to find new forms of automation to scale their operations without increasing headcount or your trading partners having to adapt. 

That’s where AI-enhanced order processing comes in. Join us for our upcoming Tech Talk to find out how your business can: 

  • Automate your order processing without relying on manual data entry or solely on EDI.  
  • Eliminate additional cost due to data entry errors. 
  • Understand the true value of EDI. 
  • Scale without increasing headcount with Conexiom’s true automation. 
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