Achieve eCommerce goals with b2b sales order management software

Eliminate manual entry of sales orders in B2B Commerce with b2b order management software. Exceed your digital commerce goals by processing emailed orders through B2B Commerce with Conexiom. Conexiom Sales Order Automation removes the manual entry associated with the processing of purchase orders that are emailed to your company and manually keyed for processing. The solution allows companies who receive emailed POs to have their orders automatically created in b2b order management software with complete visibility in Salesforce. Let your customers order how they want.

> 100% accurate touchless sales order Processing

> Increased productivity and reduced costs

> Decreased order cycle time and increased customer satisfaction

> Complete visibility in b2b sales order management software from tracking to case management

How Conexiom works with B2B order management
How Conexiom helps your customers

How Does Conexiom work with b2b order management software?

Conexiom sales order automation is designed to understand and apply the complexities and business logic associated with processing orders just your like CSRs do today. It uses machine learning algorithms to process data-rich purchase orders automatically, with 100% accuracy. It is well suited for working with b2b commerce order management software.

Conexiom captures essential data from customer purchase orders regardless of format. It automatically identifies data in the email; recognizes which items the customer is ordering; and determines whether multiple orders in a single email need to be processed separately. It also ascertains whether there are duplicates or corrections required on the purchase order. The AI component automatically resolves them. Conexiom drives higher levels of touchless orders the longer it is in use, as the solution continues to learn.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) b2b order management software, it’s easily implemented and can use existing people, processes and technology. The best part—your customers don’t have to change anything about how they currently place their orders with you.


Captures printed or emailed order document data with complete precision.


Conexiom looks up order information such as price, part number, unite of measure, or address in B2B Commerce and then creates the order.


Your team has the ability to track order status as well as manage order exceptions in Conexiom, working from a case in Salesforce.

B2B order management just got easier.

5X More Digital Orders

Increase adoption of B2B Commerce without your customers changing a thing about how they order from you today. Instead of keying orders that are emailed to you, the solution allows these orders to be automatically created in b2b order management software.

Touchless Order Processing

B2B sales order software eliminates the extra steps involved in processing of emailed orders, and also includes the ability to track order status as well as manage order exceptions in Conexiom working from a case in

100% Accuracy

Conexiom works by capturing and transforming emailed purchase orders sent by customers in their own unique formats directly into B2B Commerce sales order software with 100% accuracy. Complete accuracy means you don’t have to fix costly mistakes.

Increased Productivity

B2B order management software can unlock up to 30% more capacity for your customer service teams to focus on serving customers instead of entering orders, increasing your levels of customer satisfaction.

Reduced Order Cycle Times

Automating sales orders can shorten order cycle times by up to 80% and allows you to process orders up to 95% faster. Complex orders with dozens of line items can be processed in seconds, getting customers their orders more quickly.

Track all your digital orders, regardless of how your customers placed them.

Key Features

  • Instant processing of emailed orders
  • B2B sales order entry  and References real-time info in B2B Commerce: Part Number, Unit of Measure, Price, Lead Time, Addresses
  • Complete order visibility in B2B Commerce
  • Exception handling & case management in Salesforce
  • No customer involvement


Is Conexiom Lightning Ready?

Yes it is.

What Salesforce Edition is Required?

Conexiom supports Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance and Essentials.

How does Conexiom work with b2b sales order entry?

Conexiom uses patent-pending intellectual property to ensure that data is captured and transformed accurately. Conexiom does not use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to estimate data on a purchase order due to reliability issues. Our technology is based on mapping what is on each customer's PO format along with automating business rules regarding how that data should be mapped into the Seller’s sales order system. Since we work in conjunction with customer service during the initial setup and configuration, detailed business rules can be defined, captured, and incorporated into the mapping.

For example, it may be customary for any PO that has "air" as a shipment method to always require a review by the customer service team before releasing the order for shipment. Or, customer service may define a rule to part numbers on the buyer's PO and ignore certain characters because the part number in their sales order system doesn't have those characters.

Conexiom data capture accuracy combined with encapsulation of business rules clearly differentiates Conexiom in the markets we serve.

Does Conexiom support multiple languages?

Although the Conexiom web-based interface for users is in English, this does not compromise Conexiom’s ability to translate POs into sales orders in other languages. Conexiom is in use in dozens of countries as it supports double-byte character sets such as those found in Asian & Arabic languages.

Can Conexiom look up order information in B2B Commerce?

Yes, information including price, part number, unit of measure, and addresses can all be queried in B2B Commerce before an order is created.

What happens if an order can't be processed because information on the PO is incorrect?

Your team has the ability to track order status and manage all exceptions as cases in Salesforce. Once closed, the order will be created in B2B Commerce.

Does Conexiom follow the EDI 855 PO acknowledgement specification?

Conexiom users can request a copy of the Conexiom EDI 855 specification to determine its suitability for their needs.

How are order exceptions handled and resolved?

The responsible party is notified of exceptions via email. Typically, Conexiom notifications can be handled by Conexiom users without assistance. For example, managing a new address that appears on a PO may require a user to provide Conexiom with an update to the list of customer address account numbers. Once updated, Conexiom will remember the new information to allow orders to process without an exception. If an exception requires re-mapping because the PO format has changed significantly, we would work together with the Conexiom user to make such changes.

How are pricing issues managed?

Conexiom allows users to manage pricing according to their own business practices. For example, some companies may ignore any pricing that is on the PO and use the pricing from within their own system. Other companies may review pricing from the buyer before releasing the order for shipment. This is decided during the initial mapping setup and configuration and the Conexiom user can determine the rules on a customer by customer basis.

Is there a way to provide customers with information regarding pricing or availability updates as it relates to their order?

Yes, if the order entry system can provide an acknowledgement with pricing and availability, Conexiom can prepare and deliver an easy to read view of this information to the buyer showing any changes to what was on their PO.

Can Conexiom automatically provide order confirmations to the customer?


Can Conexiom auto-email the buyers to let them know when orders have been received and released for shipment?

Conexiom can provide both the buyer and seller with automated confirmation that orders have been received and successfully delivered.

Can implementing sales order automation reduce the time it takes to resolve customer order issues?

Yes it can as you get a full audit trail of the order process so it's much easier to track down issues and resolve them.

Can order confirmations be routed to an appropriate customer service rep?

Yes, this is part of the configuration and setup process.

Is Conexiom right for you?

Conexiom is the  market leader in providing sales order automation solutions to leading manufacturers and distributors on a global basis. Through its partnership with Salesforce B2B Commerce,  companies can further transform and accelerate B2B sales. The solution allows companies who receive emailed POs to have their orders automatically created in B2B Commerce through its integration with Conexiom Sales Order Automation. It delivers an outstanding customer buying experience on the front-end, and touchless orders with 100% data accuracy delivered directly into Salesforce B2B Commerce.

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