Sales Order Automation can help you:

  • Eliminate costly manual keying errors
  • Speed up order processing and improve time to cash
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs

Did you know that even after implementing an e-commerce website, most distributors still receive the majority of their orders by email?

Why? Well, your customers don’t want to enter their orders twice – once as a purchase order in their own system and then again into your e-commerce website. So instead, they email their purchase orders to your customer service or inside sales team who have to enter them by hand. Pretty frustrating and inefficient isn’t it?

Sales order automation will seamlessly transform inbound emailed purchase orders into electronic sales orders that can be automatically processed into your ERP system. Now your customer service team can focus on serving customers, not manually entering orders.

Download our eBook on the Top 6 Myths about Sales Order Automation and determine if it’s the right fit for your business.

“Conexiom has helped us to eliminate having to enter orders manually.”
Jeff Morris, IT Manager at National Marker Company

“We’ve shifted our CSR team away from manually keying orders and created space for other tasks, like in-depth customer service.”
Eric Cuellar, Manager of Administrative Logistics at ERIKS Seals

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