13 December 2016

ecmarket and DATAgility Partner to Provide Key Insight into Data

Partnership to give visibility into how purchase order and vendor invoice processing can be improved using automation and data management services.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (December 13, 2016) – ecmarket, cloud-based solutions developer of Conexiom, the most accurate sales order and invoice automation solution on the market, announced today a partnership with DATAgility, an award-winning and experienced data management services company, to provide customers with clearer business insights through data capture and analytics. The two organizations share a common goal of providing solutions to the manufacturing and distribution markets that improve customer satisfaction and drive sales growth.

DATAgility specializes in providing B2B companies with a full suite of product data and ecommerce consulting services that help them manage their product data as an asset, unlocking the power to drive sales and cost savings through the entire supply chain. ecmarket’s Conexiom solution revolutionizes critical sales and accounting business practices. Automating incoming emailed or printed vendor AP invoices and purchase orders from suppliers and customers, it translates them into a standard electronic format with 100% accuracy for submission into their ERP system.

“Our alliance with Conexiom brings the opportunity to help manufacturers, distributors, and contractors to improve performance, productivity, and profits. Combining our data cleansing and enrichment services with Conexiom’s powerful technology, customers will have the ability to rapidly and accurately automate and streamline manual order processing,” says DATAgility’s Co-Founder and President Denise Keating.

“We’re excited to partner with DATAgility. Both of our organizations have solutions that optimize efficiencies, delivering cost savings and a measurable return on investment. This partnership will help distributors increase profitability by offering insight into purchase order and supplier AP invoice data that will drive sales growth and establish substantial improvements to order cycle times,” says Brent Halverson, President and CEO of ecmarket.

DATAgility and ecmarket will begin cooperative marketing and education efforts immediately.

About DATAgility

DATAgility is an award-winning and experienced data management services company, managed by Denise Keating and Ed Heon, that delivers quality data sourcing and enrichment services, powerful analytics, data normalization, and unique data synchronization services to the B2B distribution channels to drive sales and squeeze cost out of the supply chain. DATAgility is the only data management services company who has team members actively and readily contributing to the electrical and automotive industry data standards since 1997. Ed is known as the “father of PIES”, the industry’s data exchange standard, which has gained widespread use and application. Denise received the 2016 NAED Associate Service Award for her valuable contributions to ensure the successful continuation of the distribution channel as the channel of first choice.  The involvement and commitment to the industries that they serve are evident in their contributions and the work they do with customers.