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Rethinking Inside Sales with Conexiom

Gain a competitive advantage by differentiating your company from competitors through true customer service. Free up time for your CSRs to focus on profit generating tasks like providing product knowledge and answering customer inquiries. Read the guide on how to transform your sales team.

2018 State of Distribution Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Manufacturers and distributors are bracing themselves for what is ahead for 2018 with today’s increase in competitive forces and margin pressure. Some are embracing the challenges and responding to the current marketplace by taking advantage of them and using them as an opportunity for growth.

Practical Guide to Sales Order Automation

Digitally transform your company’s order processing efforts with Sales Order Automation. Work smarter, get more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. Read the guide on what to consider when making the move towards eliminating manual order entry at your company.

Simple Digital Transformation with Conexiom

Digital transformation is simple. It means using digital technologies to maximize business efficiency and improve productivity. Automating business processes that are the least efficient is key to growth. Sales Order Automation is a simple transformation that will transform how you service your customers.

How to Instantly Boost Profitability with Invoice Automation

Manually processing high volumes of invoices is slow and tedious. Switching to AP invoice automation can reduce transactional costs by up to 80% while effectively optimizing efficiency, taming costs, and maximizing profits.

Expanding Market Reach with E-Commerce Giants

The emergence of major online retailers like Amazon, and Alibaba in the industrial supply market merely emphasizes the importance of participating in multiple market channels. Streamlining order processing makes it easy to grow your business and enter new markets with a solution that scales with you as you expand.

How to Leverage Your Existing EDI Investment to Automate Order Processing

What if there was a way to receive EDI on your end without impacting your customers? Conexiom allows you to treat email and print/fax orders like standard electronic documents from an EDI solution. It captures the essential data from a customer purchase order regardless of the format submitted.

The Top 6 Myths About Sales Order Automation

Sales order automation minimizes headaches and streamlines order processing. It eliminates manual entry, improves order accuracy, and accelerates order cycle times. There are common questions to understand that will help answer if sales order automation is right for your company.

Special Pricing Agreements – Eliminate Errors Through Automation

SPA usage is growing. Industry experts believe distributors should expect more of the same. Fast, efficient processing of the agreements are a new core competency for distribution. Automating their manual processing eliminates discrepancies and missed rebates.



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Aberdeen Group – Is Your Omni-Channel Strategy Driving Your Customers To Shop A Competitor

Launching your own e-commerce site may not be as productive as you think as it runs the risk of your customers doing web based comparison shopping. Learn how providing a seamless customer experience across sales channels can be your competitive edge.

Aberdeen Group – Business Transformation In Wholesale Distribution – Why It Is A Critical Time To Invest

In order to actualize success, distributors need to transform their business and make wise technology investments. Learn which areas of transformation investment support these goals.

The Hackett Group – Order Management: How Three Companies Use Digital Tools To Automate The Process

Three world-class companies use digital technologies to enhance performance and increase efficiency in their order management process. By implementing key digital transformations, they reduced cycle times and error rates in their order management process.