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How Dakota Supply Group Uses the Conexiom Solution for Accounts Payable

Eliminating 60-Hour Workweeks with Automation

Sis Richardt, Director of Financial Systems at Dakota Supply Group, has 50 years of experience in wholesale distribution. She's also an expert in strategically integrating automation solutions with accounts payable functions. During this session, Sis shares the value she’s seen while leveraging Conexiom’s Accounts Payable automation at multiple companies.


Implementing Conexiom helped reduce overtime and helped Dakota Supply Group avoid hiring additional staff in the AP Department

Sis discusses the challenges they faced in their AP department, with staff working 60-hour weeks and struggling to keep up with the workload:

"We were hitting 60 hours a week for three people...if one went on vacation, that was a nightmare."

After implementing Conexiom, they reported not only avoiding hiring additional staff but also reallocating an existing employee to another area of the company:

"By going over to Conexiom, I did not have to hire [more] people for that department."

Conexiom's ease of use and ability to integrate with EDI systems makes it an effective solution for managing accounts payable.

She also discusses Conexiom's user-friendly interface and compatibility with EDI systems:

"It's very easy to interface, very easy to use. If you have EDI, it's a very easy function to come in."

She also notes that, despite having many vendors on EDI, many still used email, increasing the value of Conexiom's ability to transform and automate these emailed invoices.

Conexiom's added expense management feature has further streamlined the accounts payable process, reducing errors and saving time

"Since the initial install, they've added the expense side of it... that saves a lot of time."

Moreover, using Conexiom has reduced keystroke errors and improved invoice reconciliation:

"Since you don't have those keystroke errors, you only deal with the ones that don't reconcile because there could be a quantity error, there could be a pricing error."