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Purpose-Built Sales Order Automation for Grainger

Conexiom is the only solution that automates your complex emailed orders and invoices with 100% accuracy and no need for manual review.

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How Conexiom Works

Receive Sales Order
Business Rules
ERP System
Receive sales orders via email
Extract information with 100% accuracy
Apply business rules & lookups to order
Create order in ERP systems
Receive Sales Order
Receive sales orders via email
Extract information with 100% accuracy
Business Rules
Apply business rules & lookups to order
ERP System
Create order in ERP systems

True Automation

Conexiom is the only vendor that delivers True Automation: complex data transformation and touchless document processing with 100% data accuracy. Conexiom is a fully automated, purpose-built solution that solves the shortcomings of RPA, OCR, and workflow technologies.


Complex Data Transformation

Conexiom automates the transformation of millions of electronic documents, regardless of the format, complexity or repeatability.


100% Data Accuracy

Orders and invoices are transcibed with 100 data accuracy, eleminating cost and error-p mistakes caused by humans.


Touchless Document Processing

Custom process mapping and advanced AI algorithms eliminate manual processing, process efficiences and processing errors.

Automation Built on Outcomes

In a never-ending endeavor to improve customer service, Swagelok turned to Conexiom for sales order automation to further streamline its order entry process.

In doing so, they eliminated over 40 hours of manual entry per week.

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Honeywell tried OCR and RPA but were not able to meet their digitization goals or KPI’s – until Conexiom.

Conexiom has been a gamechanger for Honeywell, who are now looking to digitize 100% of their orders with Conexiom.

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Graybar Electric uses Conexiom to fully automate their sales orders, special pricing agreements, and tax certificates, gaining more than 35,000 hours per year to focus on higher-value initiatives.

Integrates with all of Grainger's ERP systems

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How Conexiom Transforms Complex Documents into 100% Accurate Touchless Transactions

Conexiom is the only vendor that can transform complex, unstructured data into 100% accurate touchless transactions, delivered seamlessly into your system of record.

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Goodbye manual order processing, forever.

Enterprise businesses use Conexiom to safeguard key business objectives: maximize revenue opportunities, create cost savings, and ensure business resiliency.