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Partnering with Conexiom

Enabling the Process Automation Journey

Process automation begins with business-critical documents and unstructured data.
Conexiom processes those documents with 100% accuracy to enable downstream process automation.

We Make Our Customers Better, Together

Industry leading companies from around the world trust their business-critical documents to Conexiom. We have over 15 years of experience delivering results that maximize efficiency and returns from processing our customers' essential business transactions.

Companies run their businesses on trade documents – purchase orders, invoices, special pricing agreements, requests for quotes, order acknowledgements, and advanced shipping notices.

We partner with the leading names in the various categories below to create value for our customers by turning their commercial documents into structured data with 100% accuracy and without the need for manual supervision.

Our Technology Partner Solutions

Purpose-built composite apps with leading technology providers.
Celonis Order Management Execution App: Touchless Order Capture Powered by Conexiom

Celonis Order Management Execution App: Touchless Order Capture Powered by Conexiom

Conexiom and Celonis offer Touchless Order Capture, a joint solution that mines, automates, and optimizes the order management process.

Conexiom for Salesforce

Conexiom for Salesforce

Conexiom allows emailed and website-submitted orders to flow directly into Salesforce. Salesforce then serves as a single pane of glass, becoming a centralized management hub for your business-critical documents.

Conexiom Digital Order Capture for SAP Solutions

Conexiom Digital Order Capture for SAP Solutions

We automate your most difficult orders, the ones that are emailed to your CSRs, and instantly transform them into transactions in SAP with a direct integration or through your chosen middleware provider.

System Integrators

Conexiom is essential for process automation centers of excellence, as part of order to cash, procure to pay, or other transformation initiatives.

Business Process Outsourcing Companies

Conexiom reduces the manual labor needed to process documents, increasing efficiency, throughput and reducing costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Conexiom automates order processing into an ERP system which will house data lookup tables, validation requirements and are often the source of truth for orders

Workflow Automation or Robotic Process Automation

Conexiom accurately processes complex unstructured documents so these tools can use that information to automate complex downstream workflows and processes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Conexiom complements OCR initiatives by processing digital cleartext documents effortlessly, allowing more time for supervising the image-based documents to be processed by OCR.

Commerce Systems

Conexiom processes an order and then can deliver that order to a commerce system (ecommerce, EDI, or an OMS) to be combined with other orders and processed

Customer Service Systems

Conexiom integrates with these systems to allow customer service representatives to handle exceptions and get a true 360-degree view of the customer.

Configure, Price, Quote Systems (CPQ)

Conexiom processes an RFQ which allows for a CPQ system to accurately respond to the request for quote.

Financial Systems

Conexiom processes various financial documents and delivers the data into finance systems for further workflow.

Trusted Referral Partners

Conexiom is recognized as a trusted partner to the leading industry buying groups and user groups that serve manufacturers and distributors of all sizes.

Contact us today to learn how to become part of our referral partner program.

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