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Sales Order Automation

Win more business and delight customers by turning emailed orders into digital transactions.

Leading manufacturers and distributors rely on Conexiom to transform customer experience, increase profits, reduce errors, and meet the rigorous demands of all their B2B buyers. With Conexiom you gain the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of digital order channels like ecommerce or EDI — all without changing how your customers place their orders.


Eliminate Sales Order Management Inefficiencies

Other technologies fail to automate emailed documents, which must be manually keyed into your system of record. Conexiom solves this, closing your digital automation gap

Provide Superb Customer Experiences

Provide superb customer experiences

Customers expect seamless, intuitive experiences. It's your job to deliver on those expectations.

Slash operational costs without impacting performance

Slash operational costs without impacting performance

Reduce cost per order and error rates while minimalizing order processing times.

Protect and grow revenue... without additional headcount

Protect and grow revenue... without additional headcount

Scale your business and refocus staff away from manual tasks.

How the Conexiom Platform for Sales Works

We combine artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform emailed business
documents. Unlike other solutions, the Conexiom Platform extracts,
processes and adds business-specific logic to transform the actual data
within your documents.

Emailed Document

Documents sent via email are auto-detected and processed by Conexiom.


Relevant data is extracted from the document–any format, language or length.


Data fields are identified with 100% accuracy.

Push to System of Record

Record is created in integrated ERP or other system of record.


Business rules, logic and lookups are applied based on the unique customer/vendor identified.


Data is transformed into an output format for consumption by ERP or other system.

Integrates With the Systems You Already Use

Integrates With the Systems You Already Use

Integrates With the Systems You Already Use

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Customer Stories



With intensive, high-volume transactions, Graybar implemented Conexiom to eliminate errors inherent in manual order entry while improving productivity.


customers added in 5 years


documents processed in 6 months

Rose McDaniel

Director of National Operations




Compugen turned to Conexiom to automate their sales order process with 100% accurate touchless orders.


in ROI


Data Accuracy


Transactions Automated

Olivier Marcel

Customer Success Manager



Werner Electric

Werner Electric Supply chose Conexiom to help them in their relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience.


Hours per Year Freed for CSRs


Data Accurate Purchase Orders


Trading Partners Automated

Mike Jirikowic

Continuous Improvement Leader

Werner Electric Supply



Genpak chose Conexiom to provide customers an efficient and error-free ordering experience.


Time Saved per CSR


Data Accurate Purchase Orders

Darlene Bardin

Continuous Improvement Leader

Director of Customer Service

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Werner Electric Supply Streamlines Order Cycle Time, Re-Invests Resources to Improve Customer Experience

Werner Electric Supply boasts a wide inventory of more than 24,000 different SKUs and strives to go above and beyond to serve the needs of their customers.

Make Every Order a Digital Order: Automate Multi-Line, Emailed B2B Orders into Salesforce®

Maximize your Salesforce investment by digitizing even the most complicated orders through the Conexiom for Salesforce app.

Customers Love Conexiom

"What would I do without Conexiom?! Gone are the days of manual input. I am no longer a slave to copy and paste. If you are still doing it that way, you are doing it wrong. Get Conexiom!"

Brianna Z.

Key Account Manager, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp)

"Conexiom removes the need to manually process any non-EDI vendor documents, whether they be invoices, acknowledgements, or anything else. Conexiom is perfect for automating invoices and acknowledgments with EDI-capable software. We have automated vendor acknowledgments and invoices from non-EDI vendors, freeing up time in the accounting and purchasing departments. Now our people can focus on solving problems rather than data entry. Make sure you have a plan for the time Conexiom will free up!"

Clint A.

Business Intelligence and Operations, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp)

"Kirby Risk’s experience with Conexiom has been superb! There is nothing difficult about using Conexiom. Conexiom has eliminated the need for our people to manually enter and process invoices. This eliminates the potential for human error and creates more time for our people to work on other issues."

Dianna P.

(enterprise >1000 emp)

"Fantastic product and world-class SaaS experience. I’ve worked with Conexiom at multiple companies now. Each time my experience has been the same: quality product, incredible support, and lasting impact to my business."

Executive Sponsor in Information Technology and Services

Enterprise (>1000 emp)

"Overall experience has been phenomenal. We are using Conexiom for PO processing, AP Invoice processing and SPA processing. Onboarded 100+ customers in just under three months. Productivity gains saved hiring three people in customer service. Integration was easy to Eclipse. Customer support was fantastic."

Mike J.

Continuous Improvement Leader, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, 201-500 employees

"We have saved countless hours each week and reduced the number of order-entry errors substantially. My team is able to be more proactive and less reactive. This has allowed us to spend more time on true value-add actions, and helped us keep customers happy."

Ray M

Director of Sales, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp)

Used by Industry Leaders Across the Globe

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