Just released: 2024 Manufacturing and Distribution Benchmark Report reveals how 900 companies increase CSAT and profitability

Just released: 2024 Manufacturing and Distribution Benchmark Report reveals how 900 companies increase CSAT and profitability

Win, Grow, and Keep More Customers

with Fast, Accurate Order Fulfillment

Harness AI to deliver an Amazon-like experience for industrial B2B sales. Beat your On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) goals. No coding and no process changes required.

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Win and Retain More Customers with Fast, Accurate Order Fulfillment

Your Easy Button for Emailed Sales Orders and Invoices

We transform the sales orders and invoices you receive by email into EDI-like digital transactions.
Best of all – no coding or process changes needed from you or your business partners.

Ship the Same Day
Ship the
Same Day

Never miss a daily shipping cutoff again with order processing in under 2 minutes.

Boost On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) Rates
Boost On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) Rates

No more order errors due to fat-fingered manual data entry or mis-translated part numbers and units.

Amplify the ‘Service’ in CSRs
Amplify the ‘Service’ in CSRs

Less typing means more talking to customers — freeing up 50% of your 
team’s day.

Win with Ease
Win with

Customers and suppliers keep emailing you purchase orders 
and invoices as before. 
You save money by reducing wasted 
labor and the cost 
to fix errors.

Close Your Digital Commerce Gap
Close Your Digital Commerce Gap

Finally, break through your stalled EDI and ecommerce adoption rates to automate
PO-backed orders from all your customers.

CTA Background

How Much Could You 
Save by Automatically Processing the Orders 
You Receive by Email?

Grow your business by automating order entry. Manual data entry is slow and inaccurate, and your team wastes valuable hours rekeying emailed orders instead of focusing on customers.

Chosen by the Best in Manufacturing and Distribution

Loved by our customers. And their customers too.

16 of 20 Top Distributors 
Choose Conexiom

Industry leaders rely on Conexiom to automate their most critical processes.

95,000 Trading Partners in Network

Our AI models are trained on over one billion transactions a year, providing best-in-class accuracy and accelerated time-to-value.

4.6 G2 Customer Rating

Customers love the effortless,
EDI-like experience we can enable.

Some of Our Innovative Customers

Graybar Electric

With intensive, high-volume transactions, Graybar implemented Conexiom to eliminate errors inherent in manual order entry while improving productivity. Over the last five years, Graybar has moved from a pilot of five customers to over 1,500 and recently processed 83,000 documents in just six months.

Rose McDaniel

Vice President, Field Operations and Administration




Genpak needed to transform their digital orders into touchless outcomes with 100% data accuracy. Conexiom eliminated the manual processing of sales orders so internal resources could be redirected toward customer-oriented, high-value tasks.

Darlene Bardin

Director of Customer Service



As Häfele discovered more customers submitting orders via email, the amount of time spent manually keying in orders exponentially increased. They chose Conexiom to prioritize its customer consultations and eliminate manual data entry led Häfele America Co. to search for an efficient solution that could scale with the increased number of emailed purchase orders.

Your CSRs Aren’t Generic, Why Would Your AI and Automation Be?

Customer orders and supplier relationships are the lifeblood of your business. And yet business rules with each trading partner are unique like a snowflake. Our platform makes it look easy and accurate – because it’s all that it was born to do.

Process Sales Orders FAST

Incoming emailed documents are processed and entered to your ERP in under 2 minutes.

100% Accurate Data Extraction and Contextualization

Data is extracted from unstructured documents with 100% accuracy.

AI That Won’t Hallucinate

Our 95,000 strong Trading Partner Network trains our AI models to lock in the right formats for all your sales orders, invoices, and acknowledgements.

No Human Supervision Needed

Over 80% of orders and invoices will be processed without manual reviews or corrections.


Sales Order



Pre-built Integrations with Your ERP and
Other Systems of Record

Conexiom integrates easily with your existing technology stack and our services experts are available to support your automation journey every step of the way.

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