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Sales Order Management Software Tailored to Your Business & Buyers

Automated Order Management for the Next-generation B2B Environment

Sales Order Management Software Tailored to Your Business & Buyers Automated Order Management for the Next-generation B2B Environment

An Intuitive Sales Order Management System That Works
With Your Team and Your Users Effortlessly

Purpose-built sales order management software uses artificial intelligence to prioritize your users. In a single platform, enable and empower your service team to perform more operation-critical work, and ensure 100% accurate data in a centralized location. Boost productivity, gain supply chain visibility and harness the power of future-proof eCommerce order management with Conexiom’s sales order automation technology.

Peak business efficiency, purpose-built inventory management and increased ROI

Turn customer relationships and order fulfillment into competitive difference-makers

Optimized OMS workflows, ERP compatibility and a streamlined eCommerce solution

Scale Your Business, Grow Revenue & Achieve Optimal Sales Order Efficiency

Scale Your Business, Grow Revenue & Achieve Optimal Sales Order Efficiency

Conexiom sales order software positions your organization to optimize business processes, close the automation gap and yield increased value from your service and marketing team.


OMS automation uses artificial intelligence, full ERP integrations, and other smart features to dramatically improve your online store, paving the way for increased profitability and greater order volume. Plus, inventory management and streamlined workflows lead to customer satisfaction as standard.


Give your marketing team across-the-board access to consistent information with 100% accurate data stored in a centralized location, ensuring industry compliance and in-full, on-time delivery of online orders. Implement a sales order management system made for the future of B2B commerce. Implement a solution that prioritizes speed, service, and accuracy. Implement Conexiom.

Automate Processes. Streamline Operations.

Future-proof business tasks, maximize resources and yield optimal ROI with Conexiom
sales order management software.

Artificial intelligence + machine learning = future-proof technology

Being a truly next-gen OMS, we don’t use OCR (optical character recognition). Instead, we leverage AI, ML & other cutting-edge tools to set you apart from competitor companies.

On-time, in-full eCommerce order management software

Your users expect the best. Navigate omnichannel points of sale, large-volume orders of multiple items & various pricing plans with speed, accuracy & efficiency.

Spend time investing in customer relationships

Personalization is vital in modern B2B. Release service teams from manual tasks to focus on delivering quality to customers. Support, satisfy & upsell with online orders.

Yield 100% accurate data in a centralized location

 Efficient inventory management & real-time customer information. Integrate with your ERP system for a reliable distribution network & precision in your financial management.

An automation platform purpose-built for you & your users

Whatever your inventory management style, Conexiom is your made-to-measure solution. A single platform designed to grow ROI in businesses just like yours.

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Discover the transformative power of Conexiom automated sales order platform today.

Request Your Demo Today

Discover the transformative power of Conexiom automated sales order platform today.

Unlock the Power of Sales Automation -
Implement Conexiom Today

Our sales order technology will help you close the
automation gap and eliminate costly manual data entry.
Maximize your customer experience. Boost satisfaction, loyalty & retention

In manufacturing, distribution and beyond, the modern B2B user is spoiled for choice. Customer relationships and service are a priority. Sales order management software means you can pass on benefits such as: full product support, swiftly-processed online orders, omnichannel points of sale, a smooth checkout procedure, expedited shipping and more.

Capitalize on customer data to ensure efficiency on both sides

The data insight afforded by sales order software represents a double-edged business benefit. Internally, your financial management, supply chain network, industry compliance, and staff workflows will all become more resilient. At the same time, your customers will enjoy on-time, in-full order fulfillment, better marketing, and personalized service.

Offer omnichannel sales options to meet users’ purchasing preferences

Multi-channel sales and an online store catering to the users’ preferences are must-haves in next-gen B2B. Conexiom affords your team the time, energy, and resources needed to maintain an omnichannel eCommerce solution from a centralized location.

Deploy an optimized inventory management platform

When it comes to stock, item directories, and inventory management, visibility is key. The smart features in our OMS platform give you full confidence in your product inventory and allow you to consistently facilitate reliable order fulfillment.

Harness Intuitive CRM Integration Interactions that Drive Profitability

Effective customer relationship management can help support up-sell efforts, yield increased online orders, and turn one-off buyers into repeat product loyalists. Whether you use Salesforce, Dynamics, or beyond; Conexiom plugs seamlessly into your current CRM for an intuitive system that delivers expansion of operations and growth in revenue.

Optimize Your ERP System by Implementing the Conexiom Factor

The Conexiom platform is purpose-built and engineered to integrate effortlessly with your current tech stack. Our sales management software dovetails easily with your ERP, allowing your staff to perform more efficient, effective workflows and helping to close the automation gap across the entire scope of your operations.

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Explore AI-Powered Solutions Enabling Efficiency Across Your Order Processes

Whatever shape your sales order automation takes; Conexiom is purpose-built to bring efficiency and ROI to your organization.

Automated Order Entry Software

Automated Order Entry

Automated Order Fulfillment Software

Automated Order
Fulfillment Software

Automated Order Processing Software

Automated Order
Processing Software

Automated Order to Cash Software

Automated Order to
Cash Software

Sales Order Automation Software

Sales Order
Automation Software

How Sales Order Automation Works

How Sales Order Automation Works

Our sales order management software deploys AI, ML (machine learning), and other smart features to rapidly transform vital business documents. Here’s how:


Online orders - as well as any bill or receipt - are processed, in any format.


Conexiom tools automatically extract the necessary data.


Data about item, order, user etc. is recognized accurately.


The software creates a record, ready for an integrated ERP system.


Configurable logic & rules are automatically applied to the information.


100% accurate data is produced, ready for use across sales or service teams.

Transform Your Sales Team with Intuitive
Sales Order Software

Transform Your Sales Team with Intuitive Sales Order Software

Do your sales team find their time and energy tied-up in low-value, manual processes? Is your sales management protocol reliant on legacy systems lacking efficient features? Could your marketing department gain from real-time, 100% accurate data in a centralized location?


If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then Conexiom sales order management software can help your organization close the automation gap and maximize the true potential of your workforce.

Transform Your Sales Team with Intuitive Sales Order Software

Freed from burdensome, laborious and unprofitable activities, automated OMS enables and empowers your entire team. Our platform is built for the future, and as such, allows you to realign staff with high-priority, customer-centric tasks.

  • Focus your service workforce on vital communication and building customer relationships
  • Strengthen your supply chain network and maintain distribution efficiency with optimized task assignment
  • Improve workforce satisfaction and employee retention by taking laborious, repetitive tasks out of your staff workload
  • Give your service team access to the data and tools needed to consistently deliver an outstanding purchasing experience

Accomplish all of the above - and more - with Conexiom’s next-generation sales order management system.

Purpose-built: Smart Features of the
Conexiom Platform

We’ve engineered our solution with a variety of tools to create
a single platform and centralized location for efficient order management.
Inventory management for Unrivaled Process
CRM & ERP Integration for Maximum Functionality
A Centralized Location for Peak Data Accessibility
AI & Machine Learning for Future-proof & Scalable Automation Solutions
Enhanced Workflows for Resilient, Proactive & Efficient Processes
Data Versatility for Operational Flexibility with Vital Information

The Conexiom Difference

Sales Order Management for the Next Generation of B2B Buyers
The Conexiom Difference

The Conexiom mission is one of optimization. That means the elimination of low-value operational tasks; implementation of efficient and future-proof business tech; transformation of broken sales order processes.


This is the reality our sales management software can bring to organizations just like yours.


By closing the automation gap and deploying Conexiom’s purpose-built solution, you’ll be able to rapidly and reliably process any sales-relevant document - including open orders and customer information, along with any bill, shipping notice, receipt, or invoice - with 100% accuracy. In turn, this gives your staff the time and resources to focus on higher-value, customer-centric activities.


And that’s just the start of your future with the Conexiom automated OMS platform.

Our Customer Success Stories



With intensive, high-volume transactions, Graybar implemented Conexiom to eliminate errors inherent in manual order entry while improving productivity.

Automated Solutions that Integrate Seamlessly

Customers Love Conexiom

"(What I like about Conexiom is) the quick response time from account mgr. It makes my job much easier and efficient when I get responses in a timely manner from the account manager and the mapping team. I really like how they can manipulate a purchase order in any format I want to make sure the order entry goes into our system as it normally would if an inside sales person was manually entering the order."

Jag S.

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