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Touchless Sales Order Automation directly into Epicor

We automate your most difficult orders, the ones that are emailed to your CSRs, and instantly transform them into transactions in Epicor with a certified plugin or a direct integration.

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How Sales Order Processing Works

Receive sales orders via email.

Extract information with 100% accuracy.

Apply business rules & lookups to order.

Create order in your system of record.

True Automation

Conexiom is the only vendor that delivers True Automation: complex data transformation and touchless document processing with 100% data accuracy. Conexiom is a fully automated, purpose-built solution that solves the shortcomings of RPA, OCR, and workflow technologies.

Complex Data Transformation

Complex Data Transformation

Conexiom automates the transformation of millions of electric documents, regardless of format, complexity, or repeatability.

Complex Data Transformation

100% Data Accuracy

Orders and invoices are transcribed with 100% data accuracy, eliminating costly errors.

Complex Data Transformation

Touchless Document Processing

Custom process mapping and advanced AI algorithms eliminate manual processing, process efficiencies and processing errors.

Integrate With the Systems You Already Use

Customer Stories



Werner Electric

Werner Electric Supply chose Conexiom to help them in their relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience.


Hours per year freed for CSR’s


Data Accurate Purchase Orders


Trading Partners Automated

Mike Jirikowic

Continuous Improvement Leader

Werner Electric Supply




Compugen turned to Conexiom to automate their sales order process with 100% accurate touchless orders.


Data accuracy


Transactions Automated

Olivier Marcel

Customer Success Manager





Genpak chose Conexiom to provide customers an efficient and error-free ordering experience.


Time Saved per CSR


Data Accurate Purchase Orders

Darlene Bardin

Continuous Improvement Leader

Director of Customer Service

Every Document Automation Tool You Need in One Platform

Customers Love Conexiom

"I can’t imagine going back to what we did previously without Conexiom"

Andy K.

Small Business (50 or fewer employees)

"We’ve seen a marked improvement in both cycle time for order processing and order entry error rates."

Alex R.

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, 10,001+ employees

"Their continued development and growth in solutions supporting our business objectives firmly establishes Conexiom as a partner in our business."

Craig M.

Logistics and Supply Chain, 501-1000 employees

"We use Conexiom to convert customer purchase orders into our ERP system, they did a very good job. Their technology is advanced."

Yong C.

Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

"It’s a win for everyone."

Ben C.

ECommerce. Logistics and Supply Chain, 51-200 employees

"Flexibility, 100% accuracy, ability to build in business rules allowing touchless order processing, intuitive and user-friendly interface."

Daniel P.

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

"We have started an AP automation program with Conexiom and are working with them as an early adopter of a new part of the product, I have found them easy to work with, responsive to our needs and able to work with us to make sure we are able to fulfil our business need fully"

Jenny S.

Wholesale, 1001-5000 employees

"There is nothing difficult about using Conexiom."

Dianna P.

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

"We were able to reduce the number of sales orders that had to be manually entered by half. We saw a full ROI in under a year."

John H.

Business Supplies and Equipment, 51-200 employees

"Conexiom is definitely worth implementing."

Lisa A.

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

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Purpose Built. Problem Solved.