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Hiring & the (Future) State of Manufacturing & Distribution

How the Pandemic, Supply Chain Disruption, Inflation, & Potential Recession Drive the Need for Workforce Resiliency

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The Next 5 Years...

When looking forward five years, 80% of respondents said they’re worried about hiring. Read the full report to learn more.
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Invest in the Future with Order Automation

While unprecedented events have impacted every industry since the world shut down for COVID-19, the manufacturing and distribution sector has been especially challenged by a combination of headwinds. From volatile levels of demand to widespread lockdowns, ongoing supply chain disruptions, a massive labor shortage, inflation, and an impending recession – businesses in manufacturing and distribution have arrived at a crossroads.


It is estimated that these industries will face a gap of 2.4 million open jobs by 2028 and 5 million by 2023. And the incoming Generation Z workforce is not tripping over itself to apply for jobs in manufacturing and distribution.


In this survey report, we cover the following topics:

  1. What can businesses do to prepare for a recession
  2. How the pandemic and other market forces have impacted hiring and accelerated digital transformation
  3. How (and why) to think about recruiting Gen Z
  4. Automating expensive but necessary processes

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