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Customer Outcomes

Revere Electric saved 30+ min an order

Revere Electric gained back 20-30 minutes per order to spend on other tasks by eliminating manual entry

Graybar 246k documents processed

Graybar processes 246,351 documents with 26,357,769 lines without manual intervention

Standard Electric 88% acceleration

Standard Electric accelerated order processing by 88% with 100% accuracy

Werner Electric 100% order accuracy

Werner Electric went from 96% to 100% order accuracy after implementing Conexiom

Why Electrical Distributors & Manufacturers
Choose Conexiom

Automate Time-Consuming Data Entry

Automate Time-Consuming Data Entry

Conexiom removes your reliance on manual data entry with 100% accurate Touchless Automation across your critical document types. Data from RFQs, Purchase Orders, and Special Pricing Agreements sent over email arrives in your ERP without any human intervention.

Order Accuracy That Delights Customers

Order Accuracy That Delights Customers

According to McKinsey, 49% customers rank services in top 3 differentiators for distributors & manufacturers. Your customers come with high expectations and an understanding they won’t have a hard time finding another distributor if you let them down. By automating document processing with Conexiom, you can ensure that every customer feels confident in your ability to process and fill orders fast, on time, and with 100% accuracy.

“As soon as the team saw large orders coming in clean that they didn’t have to manually enter, they were ecstatic with the results,” Denny Wyss, Senior Project Manager, McNaughton-McKay

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Manual document processing is as inefficient as it is risky. Relying on people for data entry leads to order errors, process bottlenecks, and missed revenue opportunities. Instead of using their expertise to find solutions for customers, your employees are spending time retyping product and price data from one system to another.

Scaling Without Adding Headcount

Scaling Without Adding Headcount

Processing more orders is a natural consequence of growth. In a tight labor market with increasingly competitive salaries, it can be challenging for distributors & manufacturers to find affordable talent. That means existing employees have to take on more process work while also keeping more customers happy. By automating document processing, you eliminate the process work so your team can focus on delivering a winning customer experience.

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Graybar Electric

“In the past, we looked at Conexiom as a productivity gain. It was a tool that reduced the amount of time our employees had to spend on redundant tasks. However, we’ve realized it’s changed how we do business. It is a tool that we use so that we can provide better service to not only our customers, but also to other aspects of our business.”

Rose McDaniel

VP of Field Operations and Administration, Graybar Electric

Rexel Canada

“Conexiom is truly a differentiator between us and our competitors…[it] has become core to what we do here at Rexel Canada.”

Roger Little

CEO, Rexel Canada

Werner Electric

“Everyone is asked to do more without adding additional staff, both on the customer side and the distribution side. Conexiom allows us to do just that by automating the order entry process, allowing our people to focus on the tasks that add value to our customers.”

Mike Jirikowic

Continuous Improvement Leader, Werner Electric

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How It Works

Conexiom captures and extracts data from an emailed document with absolute precision. Instead of manually retyping data from RFQs, SPAs, and POs, electrical distributors & manufacturers using Conexiom can focus on providing the value-add services, like training and job-site delivery, that customers want.



Documents sent via email are auto-detected and processed by Conexiom



Regardless of format or template, relevant data is extracted from POs, RFQs, and other docs with the same ease and accuracy as copy/paste.



Data like part numbers, quantities and addresses are identified and contextualized using proven machine learning algorithms with 100% accuracy.



Business rules, logic and lookups are applied based on the customer or vendor's unique requirements.



Structured and accurate order data is then added directly to your ERP within 5 minutes of receiving the email.

See it in Action

Customer Stories

Graybar & Conexiom

Graybar & Conexiom

With intensive, high-volume transactions, Graybar implemented Conexiom to eliminate errors inherent in manual order entry while improving productivity. Over the last five years, Graybar has moved from a pilot of five customers to over 1,500 and recently processed 83,000 documents in just six months.

Werner Electric & Conexiom

Werner Electric & Conexiom

Werner Electric Supply boasts a wide inventory of more than 24,000 different SKUs and strives to go above and beyond to serve the needs of their customers in 13 locations and counting.

Werner Electric Supply chose Conexiom to help them in their relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience.

Rexel Canada & Conexiom

Rexel Canada & Conexiom

Rexel turned to Conexiom to automate their order entry, the most labor-intensive part of their business, allowing their sales team to focus on providing great customer experiences. While some are afraid of being replaced by automation, Rexel feels that the value their employees bring lies in customer support over manual entry.

Sonepar & Conexiom

Sonepar & Conexiom

How Sonepar Provides a Best-in-Class Experience for Customers

In pursuit of a best-in-class experience for customers, Sonepar sought a solution to replace their powerful, but inflexible OCR solution for order entry. After completing a pilot with one of their operating companies, Sonepar determined Conexiom was the best partner to solve their business needs and pushed it down to their 15 other operating companies.

Conexiom has allowed Sonepar to eliminate errors and improve the speed of their order processing. Sonepar is saving thousands of hours monthly, allowing their inside sales team to focus on value-added activities such as expediting backorders or being technical experts for customers.

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