So, what does Sales Order Analytics do?

It’s important to select the most suitable customers to onboard into Conexiom so you can start saving time right away. Sales Order Analytics does the work for you. Conexiom’s data assessment engine programmatically reviews incoming purchase order emails and gives you a tidy analysis of a list of customers that are the most suitable to automate with Conexiom right away.

How does it work?

When you’re ready to get started using Conexiom you need to determine which customers to implement first. The downside is it could take a considerable amount of time to sort through sales emails to figure out which email attachments are purchase orders and organize them into similar formats, then decide which customers order the most, and finally determine which require the most time to process. The effort to review 40GB of sales emails can take over a month of manual labor, even if the only task is to look at an attachment and determine whether it’s a purchase order!

Sales Order Analytics can help.  We use our data assessment engine to evaluate hundreds or thousands of emailed purchase orders. Programmatically, it scans the file formats to filter out only purchase order attachments from other emails. The engine applies an algorithm to analyze and organize the attachments and provide visibility into which customers require the most effort from your CSRs to process.


We take a batch of emails from a defined date range as a sample.


Programmatically evaluate and group them.


Provide insight into which customers require the most effort to process.