Conexiom Services

When you select Conexiom, you gain access to a talented team of industry experts who truly understand document automation and are committed to ensure you get the most from your investment as quickly and as easily as possible. They bring a wealth of experience and resources to ensure Conexiom quickly becomes an integral and successful part of your business operations.

Implementation Services

We understand that the speed at which you can realize business value and return on investment is key to your success.

Conexiom offers a proven implementation methodology that has been used to implement thousands of trading partners onto our service. We work closely with you to understand the business rules and process you follow for handling purchase orders and invoices and then configure Conexiom so POs and incoming AP invoices flow directly into your ERP system as sales orders and invoices. Upon subscribing to the Conexiom service, you will be assigned an Onboarding Specialist who will work with you to help you learn how to use your online account and bring your customers and suppliers onto the Conexiom service.

Onboarding Process

During the onboarding process, you will learn how to:

  • Create accounts for your trading partners.
  • Submit test/example orders and invoices from each trading partner, along with instructions describing the information you need to capture from the order/invoice and where you want to see it in your ERP system.
  • Manage any notifications for your trading partners, once the accounts are in production.

Planning and Activation

Once your account has been activated, your Onboarding Specialist will review setup and configuration options and work with you to create accounts for each of the trading partners you want to automate.

Configuration and Data Mapping

Integrating your business rules and processes to the Conexiom system results in a solution that supports your unique business needs and conforms to the way you work and run your business.

You will gather test or example orders and invoices from each trading partner and provide instructions describing the information you need to capture from the order or invoice and where you want to see it in your ERP system.

Portal Access

Once the accounts are in production, you will manage notifications or alerts and understand how to effectively use your online account to manage your customers and suppliers subscribed to the service through the Conexiom Portal.

User and Administrator Training

During the initial deployment process, your designated Onboarding Specialist will help you fully understand system setup and configuration capabilities.

If necessary, we will work with you to design the most effective program for your learning culture and user needs.

Support Services

We offer the following Support services to customers:

  • Dedicated Account Managers who serve as customer advocates, driving issues through to successful conclusion
  • Reward programs that offer incentives for current customers who refer new business opportunities to us
  • Ongoing complimentary webinars keep you informed of the latest industry trends and best practices
  • Helpdesk support, staffed by trained Support Specialists who are available to answer your questions
  • Quarterly newsletter, provides valuable industry related content and keeps you up-to-date on important company news

Account Reviews

Your assigned account manager will meet with you regularly to review account usage, discuss best practices and provide recommendations to expand adoption and customer satisfaction.

Marketing Support

To ensure Conexiom is successfully deployed to both internal and external stakeholders, marketing support is available and we’ll work to develop a custom program to meet your needs.

This may include co-developing animated explainer videos, email campaigns outlining objectives and goals, FAQs, webinars, and collateral or other marketing communications support.

Your Success is Our Success

The long-term success of your document automation system in meeting your business objectives is of critical importance to us. We know we must earn your business every day—and we welcome this challenge. Our priority and focus throughout the course of our relationship is to work with you and your business to achieve its goals.