Accelerate Orders

Speed orders to fulfillment by digitizing manual order processing to eliminate bottlenecks.

Improve the Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience by removing time-consuming, manual data entry and improving SLAs.

Increase Visibility

Improve visibility with intuitive KPIs and dashboards.

Compete to Win Customers

Sales orders have the unique postion of affecting both customer experience and company revenue. Conexium lets you excel on both, with our next-generation automation solution that solves the shortcomings of RPA, OCR, and workflow technologies.

Order Specialization

Conexiom has been a specialist in sales-order and invoice processing for decades. Our customers process hundreds of millions of dollars in order transactions annually.

Accurate Extraction

Our proprietary patent-pending data-extraction technology lifts text out of a purchase order with 100% accuracy.

Flexible Formats

Conexiom transforms purchase orders in a variety of formats.

Seamless Transformation

Conexiom transforms purchase orders automatically into a sales order in your ERP system with 100% accuracy.

Optimized Automation

Order Analytics quickly identifies the total automation opportunity and helps you prioritize.

Unlimited Integrations

Processed purchase orders can be transformed and delivered automatically into any ERP system that accepts EDI or XML.

“Staff can now take calls on non-structured orders that are more varied and custom, as well as spend more time with customers.”

Pepi Stahlmann Director of Customer Service, Häfele America Co.

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