What is Conexiom Special Pricing Agreement Automation?

Conexiom® revolutionizes the processing of Special Pricing Agreements by eliminating the time-consuming manual components. Our unique 100% data-accurate Special Pricing Agreement solution will transform the way you process SPAs. Conexiom SPA Automation can handle as many unique formats as you are using, and turns the existing SPA into a structured electronic order agreement into your ERP system.

How does it work?

Are you a distributor or manufacturer that receives emailed or faxed Special Pricing Agreements that are manually keyed into your ERP system? Would you rather have your sales people or customer service team members selling and serving your customers instead of doing data entry? Would you like to reduce the number of line item rejections or discrepancy claims you need to file?

Conexiom SPA Automation can be implemented without involving your suppliers or customers. It’s easy to use and cost effective. Conexiom is located in the cloud, which means no large capital expenditures are required and convenient subscription packages can be customized to meet your needs. The complete accuracy of Conexiom means that it minimizes manual intervention and decreases discrepancies. Now your customer service team can focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, and driving growth.


Captures emailed Special Pricing Agreements with complete precision.


SPAs are then converted into structured data with 100% data accuracy.


Converted SPAs are delivered to your order management system in a variety of formats and delivery methods, including XML and EDI.

Processing SPAs just got easier.

The Business Advantage

Reward both your business and your customer. Serve customers accurately and quickly, all while keeping costs in check and freeing up valuable staff to focus on enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Technical Advantage

Eliminate costly errors with 100% data accuracy and efficient technology that integrates with existing systems.

Too good to be true? No. It's better.

Automation means better customer service.  Your customer service reps now have the time to focus on serving customers, not manually entering SPAs or resolving discrepancies.

– Special Pricing Agreements are processed within minutes.
– Your customers do not need the financial or technical resources to implement EDI.
– More revenue-generating time for staff is achieved without having to hire more administrative staff.
– Business conversations become about the value you can add to customers’ businesses, not price.
– Business processes remain the same. No customer involvement is necessary

The Right Fit

We serve a wide variety of wholesale distributors and manufacturers in various sectors with different systems. See if Conexiom is right for you.


Wholesale distributors and manufacturers.


Annual revenue of $15 Million+


Experience with processing electronic orders (EDI/XML and eCommerce), but still have a manual order entry process.


You have buyers that are not on EDI and place a large number of orders or many line items per order.

Is this product right for you?

If your company meets the market criteria identified above, check on these specifics and learn more by signing up for a demo or requesting additional information.

  • Receive faxed and emailed special pricing agreements that are manually entered?
  • Have customers that require a purchase order to buy from you?
  • Sell items with standard part numbers, and not made to order?
  • Have high volume customers you want to secure?
  • Enter SPAs through EDI, web order entry and manually?

Supported Systems, Formats & Methods

Conexiom can automatically process text Special Pricing Agreements in any of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • CSV files
  • Text files
  • Emails
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML
  • Printer files (Postscript, Raw, GDI, PCL, Text) under Windows, Unix, Linux, AS/400, or Apple.

Processed Special Pricing Agreements can be transformed and delivered automatically into any ERP system that accepts EDI or XML including:

  • Epicor ERPs
  • SAP ERPs
  • IBM ERPs
  • Infor ERPs
  • Oracle ERPs
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • NetSuite ERP
  • DDI Inform ERP

Don’t see your system, format or method listed?

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