Customer Story
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Edwards Garment Automates Sales Orders Without Buyers Changing the Way They Shop

Automation Outcomes

  • Automate sales orders without customers implementing EDI

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Save CSRs hundreds of hours (annually) to focus on customers

With over 500 orders a day coming in via email and fax alone and even more coming in through its e-commerce website, Edwards’ CSRs were spending a considerable amount of time performing data entry. Edwards Garment turned to Conexiom for Sales Order Automation to simplify the ordering process.

The Challenge

Edwards Garment is a leading wholesaler of uniforms and career apparel with over 100 staff and a heritage that goes back over 150 years. Edwards was faced with the challenge of maintaining their high level of customer service with all accounts while processing orders with 100% accuracy and shipping within one day.

The Solution

Edwards Garment was keen to find a solution that would remove as much manual data entry as possible to free up the time for CSRs to perform more revenue generating tasks. Edwards Garment selected Conexiom to improve the business process for both its customers and CSRs.

What they say
“With Conexiom, we were able to meet the operational benefits of EDI, without needing our customers to implement EDI. We were able to have our cake and eat it too!”
Bob Wallis, VP of IT, Edwards Garment