Customer Story
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Field Fastener Achieves Substantial Time Savings, Improves Profitability with True Automation

Automation Outcomes

  • Process complex, multi-line orders in minutes with 100% accuracy

  • Improve job satisfaction rates among employees

  • Save 400 hours of manual data entry for just one customer

  • Re-focus CSRs toward revenue-generating tasks, such as data analysis

Needing a solution that would streamline the ordering process and help them to innovate so that they could continue to meet their customers’ high expectations, Field Fastener turned to Conexiom for substantial time savings, improved profitability, and the ability to reduce the number of order entry errors.

The Challenge

Field Fastener is a full-service engineering partner and global fastener distributor based out of Illinois. With over 100 staff working out of four locations across the Midwest, Field Fastener is one of the fastest growing US private companies with an impressive growth rate of 54% over the past three years. As a busy supplier, Field Fastener turned to sales order automation to streamline order processing and to complement their system used to manage their extensive inventory and distribution operations.

The Solution

Conexiom proved to be the ideal solution because it captures and transforms computer-generated purchase orders received from customers via email and print into electronic sales orders automatically. By mapping these customer orders directly to their ERP system, it solved the problem of dual entry, as well as order accuracy. Furthermore, the automation process was seamless to the customer, which was a key priority for Field Fastener.

What they say
“Conexiom is incredibly simple and it just works. It’s similar to doing an EDI implementation without having to get the customer involved. Once the mapping is set up, it dramatically reduces the amount of time spent doing repetitive tasks [so we can spend] more time on revenue generating tasks.”
Chad Olson, Director of IT, Field Fastener