The Challenge

Kirby Risk Electrical Supply is a leading provider of electrical, automation, lighting, and power distribution solutions for electrical systems across the USA. Committed to continuous innovation, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply was keen to implement process improvements that would allow them to continue to serve their customers better while keeping operational costs balanced.

The Solution

After careful consideration, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply selected Conexiom to automate their sales order process. Conexiom proved to be the ideal solution because of its ability to capture data directly from customer orders received via email and those printed and faxed. This data is then transformed into an electronic sales order automatically in their existing ERP system. Automation effectively eliminated the problem of dual entry and liberated the CSR team from repetitive, mundane tasks.

What they say
“Thanks to Conexiom we've become so much more efficient. We've moved beyond handling orders to actually helping our customers with their needs. The ability to engage with our customers, listen, and learn has made a big impact on customer loyalty.”
Jim Swisher, Shared Services Manager, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply